The congress Homeopathy – from Childhood to Old Age on March 14-16, 2014 was once again a major highlight. It was held in a spirit of tolerance and cooperation with wide-ranging discussion of a wealth of different treatment approaches. 300 participants came from 20 different countries. Internationally known homeopaths such as Resie Moonen, Jonathan Hardy, Sunirmal Sarkar, Alok Pareek, Rosina Sonnenschmidt, Jean-Lionel Bagot, Michal Yakir, Heidi Brand, Norbert Groeger, and Heiner Frei demonstrated their specific approach in the treatment of children and elderly patients for illnesses such as ADHD, behavioural disturbances, and typical childhood illnesses through to Alzheimers, cancer, and other chronic diseases that occur more frequently in old age.

The Dutch doctor Resie Moonen was the first speaker, giving a very lively presentation on the use of the Lanthanides for children. She showed impressive cases of learning and behavioural disturbances as well as autoimmune disease. Jonathan Hardy, the doctor from England whose talk at the previous congress was extremely popular, showed the considerable potential of spider remedies for children with problems such as ADHD, sleeplessness and motor disturbances. The Indian doctor Sunirmal Sarkar, speaking for the first time in Europe, offered valuable hints on the use of potentized chemotherapy agents for the specific treatment of cancer in cases often characterized by the most severe pathology. In certain Indian states, homeopathy is supported by the government since it has proved to be so very effective in precisely such severe illness.

On the second day, the well-known Indian homeopath Alok Pareek drew on his vast clinical experience to speak about homeopathy in cases of neurological disturbance, including the important topic of Alzheimers in elderly patients. Rosina Sonnenschmidt showed an impressive live case with complaints of muscle wasting and borreliosis. The French doctor Jean-Lionel Bagot, in a talk with great practical relevance, described his encouraging results in significantly reducing the side effects of conventional cancer treatment.

On the final day, the Israeli homeopath Michal Yakir explained how childhood behavioural disturbances can be treated in view of her ground-breaking discoveries in the system of plants. Heidi Brand and Norbert Groeger presented the remedy picture of the alga Chara intermedia, which has aroused great interest, proving especially useful in geriatric cases. The renowned Swiss homeopath Heiner Frei rounded off the congress, explaining how he uses polarity analysis to cope with 40 patients a day in his paediatric practice. All in all, a very varied congress with something for everybody to take back to their homeopathic practice.

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