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65. Liga Congress 2010 in Redondo Beach, California

David Warkentin has passed away

International Education Symposium 23-24 April 2009, Leuven Belgium
ECCH and ICH Education Symposium 2009

Interview with Farokh Master, February 2009 in Kandern

Interview with Roberto Petrucci, February 2009 in Kandern

Interview with Louis Klein, May 2008 in Kandern

Review of the 255th birthday of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in Nepal
From Dr. Rajesh Pradhanang

Glimpses from the Liga Congress in LA 2010

Rajan Sankaran Seminar 2010
Report on the Seminar on 24-25 April, 2010

Childrens Homeopathy Congress 2010
Paul Herscu, Kate Birch, Farokh Master, Tarako Yui, Friedrich Graf

Rajan Sankaran Seminar 2009

Rajan Sankaran in Badenweiler 3rd-4th October 2007

Homeopathic Children Congress 2009

1. Homeopathic Cancer Congress Badenweiler 2009

Tinus Smits has died

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