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Hippomanes, _A case of

by Anne Wirtz
A woman, aged 30, came to me in February 1995.
She was accompanied by her mother who did not say much during the interview.

Her main complaint for many years has been constipation and the wish to get pregnant, besides this, she has bubbly skin.
The constipation started after her divorce. She married at 19 and the marriage was finished after 3 months. “I was a naive child from a good family, had a fine childhood, and he came from another background, ran up debts, was adulterous and even threatened me once. I was too sweet to everyone and did not dare to set limits. I like harmony and hate quarrelling.
During those 3 months I had nightmares of a frightening dog wanting to kill me.
My husband lied about money and unpaid bills. After 3 months he ran off. I sensed it somehow. I started to work right away.”

(Observation; She speaks non-stop, in a lively way. She is quite tall and slender with an oval quite long face and long smooth dark hair, tightly combed in a ponytail and she wears dark rimmed rather thick spectacles, making her dark eyes look quite big. She reminds me of Melina Mercouri, a famous Greek singer.)

“I have experienced 3 lawsuits in my life, the first one at 16. I worked in a dress shop, was afraid to get sick, I used to suffer from asthmatic bronchitis as a child, and after falling ill once, I got fired. In the end I did not allow myself to be ‘walked over’. Nowadays I am more bitchy and pragmatic. Honesty can be hard. I do understand people’s problems, and step into the breach for them. People tend to misuse that.
I won all the lawsuits. It was not for the money, but for justice. The lack of morality in the world is disappointing, but I do not let myself be taken over.
At school I got bullied and called names because of my spectacles. At riding club I had good friends."At school, it was like ‘stealing is cool’, everything was false. I attended a special school because they thought I was stupid." "
"As a baby I had a serious attack of lack of breath, I turned blue and was hospitalized. After that I had to take Deparkine until I was 18. Then a locum doctor stopped it and I got clear. Now I do my best to show that I am not stupid. I feel my mother’s sorrow about it all. I got my power through her. As a child I was popular because I gave a lot away, but it was not genuine. I have one older brother, we get on fine together, he lives his own life. One has to fight one’s own battles in life, no matter how hard it is."

"My fears? Some fear of failure. I want to be respected. Education is important. My ambition is to work well and preserve a good atmosphere. I do not have qualifications and that gives me an insecure feeling. I do have quite a high position in the company, but I always have to compete with better educated colleagues."

"In ’91 I probably had a miscarriage, but the doctor denied this. My periods started at 15 and I had no problems the first couple of years. In ’89 the pains started in my belly, back and upper legs."

"I had problems at work from some jealous colleagues. Negative behaviour seems to be rewarded. I stand up for myself and at the job I give a 100%. I want to be seen. For the lawsuits I sorted everything out myself, logical thinking helped me out."

"I always have muscle pains in my shoulders and neck. Often I take a hot water bottle to bed to put under my neck. I am quite chilly and love warmth."

"Hobbies? Writing fairy tales, horse-riding, sauna, reading books about other cultures especially about Indians, they are so close to nature. I like to travel and I feel fine at home. My present husband is Greek and in Greece I’ll sit in the shade to prevent dark pigment spots. I have a sort of skin allergy. Once the dermatologist gave me an injection and I fainted. At the moment I have had a spot which won’t heal on my lower leg for six months."

"I cannot stand tobacco smoke."

"The most important things in my life are my parents, family, love, harmony and security. I try to secure things for the future."

"Sometimes I cannot get rid of the stool for two weeks or longer. I have tried all kinds of diet, but food seems to have no influence on my digestion."

"This is since I started fighting the injustice in the world. Everywhere war. I try to consider whether to react emotionally or pragmatically. I do not watch war or violent movies, this plays hell with morality, I only watch it in documentaries. I know that I cannot solve the misery in the world on my own, so I avoid overloading myself with the images. I can feel extremely happy at home with simple things, together with the cat for example. Animals are empathetic and righteous unlike human beings."

"When I am constipated my belly feels totally filled up and I cannot eat anymore. There is no flatulence. If I feel pressure I prefer to go home because elsewhere it could easily be too dirty for me. I have to strain intensely to get a result. I take good care of my body. It should be clean. I take a shower twice a day. I like order and what I do I do well."

"The fairy tales I write are to support welfare organizations and they deal in morality, good and evil. Music is a great way to relax just like dancing. I feel in my body what its message is.”

At the time of her first marriage she had her own horse, which she had to sell after the divorce. She trusted it to a buyer who made a business out of it. She was ill for two years because of that.

The emphasis on good and evil, injustice and fighting for justice, true and false, struck me during the interview. The dignified way she told her story and then her appearance…her love of horses….
All this made me think of a horse-remedy, but which one?
I compared ; Hippozaeninum, Malandrinum, Castor equi and Hippomanes, in the Materia Medica’s.
There was no description found for her symptoms, but the theme of paralysis in Hippomanes made me choose that remedy. The constipation could as well be explained as a kind of paralytic bowel.
So I gave her HIPPOMANES 200K

Follow-up after 4 weeks
“It is miraculous. Right after the remedy, the day after taking it, my bowels started to move and then every second day. I felt a bit down at the same time, but this cleared up quickly. Work is OK, I do all kind of things. I am very busy and I want to deserve things. I like physical exercise, preferably riding the horse in the countryside on my own. I do not like obligations."

"My uncle died, we have strong bonds in the family, it has had an impact."

"My sleep is better. Neck and shoulders little ameliorated."

"Old emotions from the divorce period came up, “no hatred or revenge, I wish him all the best.” “From the ‘Deparkine-time, when people thought I was stupid. It was a hard time. I never talked about it. I would have liked to have had a proper education and become a lawyer or a psychologist. Sometimes I try to imagine how I could do it after all.”

"Menses are less painful. A deep crack in my toenail is healing and the spot on my leg is gone."

"I would like to be more patient, I react too quickly if somebody talks too woolly, it makes me feel impatient.
Now my stool looks healthy and comes every three days at the moment."

I gave her HIPPOMANES 200K
To repeat if needed.

Follow up
After 2 ½ months she called to tell me that everything was fine, her stool good and that she was 6 weeks pregnant.

In February ’96 she gave birth to a healthy baby boy and was extremely happy and grateful when she sent me a message six months later..
Even in her job she got promotion and felt no fear of failure.

About the remedy
It is taken from a meconium deposit from the amniotic fluid of a Colt. Trituration of the dried substance taken from the tongue of a newly-born filly. (Murphy)
It seems logical that all kinds of symptoms concerning pregnancy and sterility might react well to this remedy, if the essence fits of course.

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