2009 June

Gyps Hymalayensis (Vulture family) for 'extreme emotions'

by Anne Wirtz
Female, born in 1956

She comes to me because, as she puts it, she suffers from 'extreme emotions' in a very short period of time, which is confusing. Feelings of guilt, rage and frustration after the death of a female friend and a few hours later a nice feeling of freedom and trust. The intensity of life, with fear, grief and rage, she feels as a ball in her solar plexus, as if she has been chopped into two pieces. She has had this feeling for a very long time, but in the last 10 years it got softer. She has a strong sense of humour, which gives her life power. "I contacted my dead friend and got permission to be who I am. She was suffering from MS and died before I could visit her. This made me feel guilty and I was devastated. Then I became angry with myself and the world till I told myself not to drown in details and keep the eagle’s look, which is a state of being. I talk a lot to myself to help me reflect. I am impulsive, which originated in injuries and pains in my life, I like the conqueror’s feeling.
My childhood was not easy. I had two fathers and 3 brothers, 2 from the 2nd father. When I think of it I can get a feeling of warmth which suddenly changes into a wave of cramps and misery and a feeling of being replaceable. Every little detail of my life passes in front of my eyes as if seen from a distance. I do not feel grounded or connected with myself compared to other people I know. After the break-up of my relationship (of 11 years) I decided to cleanse myself of the old shit.
From the age of 11 I was interested in sex. I started sleeping with men in my early puberty. I wanted to take part in life and I did not know what I was doing. It did not feel OK but I did it because I wanted to be someone.
Somewhere I have a memory of a sexual assault by my brother and we were caught - luckily. My childhood was unsafe. My father, who was adulterous, left when I was 7. I was very judgmental about him through mum. My stepfather was very explosive and he abused my mother, I had to protect her and I once threatened him with a knife and became his enemy. During that period I cried a lot in bed and made up some imaginary friends. I passed over my youth really. There was always fierce and extreme drama. The one with the biggest mouth was the winner. At school I was maladjusted and I had semi-criminal contacts for a while.
I feel that I carry love and light inside of me though. My family situation is a sewer-pit. Professionally I continued to be a social worker. I feel responsibility as a super saviour and I am sensitive to the needs of people. I am always taking care of everybody but I am an irritable person. I can be explosive when criticized or when they try to diminish me, it feels like being caged. I had to learn to adapt to avoid being condemned to being unable to be in a relationship. Some years ago I had my own business, just me, but I prefer to work with people and I found a job. After a while they fired me because I was not productive enough, but I had other ideas about work quality. There should be space for creativity and I was forced to do the job without my own approval. It felt like selling my soul to the devil. I am a freedom-loving opinionated person with my own vision and I hate situations of abuse and injustice, terrible, then I feel the impulse to escape and just cut off. Trying to adapt drained my energy, although my colleagues were very friendly. Authoritarian behaviour can make me take-off.
I was born with a defect, an undeveloped oesophagus. It was swallow or suffocate. I grew out of it.
I have a very basic feeling of guilt, which makes me vulnerable to criticism and it can throw me totally out of balance. I feel a strong symbiosis with my mother. I live through her sorrow. My whole life I look at her with the knowledge that some day she will be gone. I never had a child of my own. I would have liked to but I lived with a woman for 11 years and I travelled a lot, my need to wander is quite strong, like a gypsy. The relationship exploded at last, she withdrew and I became aggressive and helpless which was a recurring pattern. There is a voice inside me that tells me that I am no good at relationships. I am bisexual and with men I can be small and weak, but not with women."

If there is too much tension it’s not good, as long as it glides it is OK, but I seem not to swallow, I chew endlessly. Eventually I’d rather spit it out because I will not digest it well. The stool is mostly soft.
The menstrual period aggravates the mood swings.
The skin is dry and a bit ridged just like mum’s.
The back feels weak especially from the shoulder-blades extending to the elbows (included)"
. (Now she moves her arms up and down like wings) "It is a neuralgic pain and I get physiotherapy for it but it hasn’t been successful up till now.
Sleep is good.

I was looking for my mother with my granny, we went all the way through a container full of corpses to search for her. I met granny outside again and we went to the school theatre and we asked the schoolteachers, who were sitting there with their spectacles, if they had seen my mother but they had no time for us. When I asked again they listened to us and they brought my mother in cross-form, as if she were dead and they put her down in front of me. Then, suddenly she took my hand."

Periodically I have sexual dreams with easy orgasms.

About fast vehicles, trains or aircrafts.

About an underwater city like an astral vision, as if I came there through the middle of the earth.

After I told her that I thought about giving her a bird remedy, namely;
GYPS HIMALAYENSIS 200K (=one of the vulture family), she was excited and told me that she felt honoured. "I keep stones and feathers in my house and when I go to the Zoo I ask for the fallen feathers of the condors"(=part of the vulture family).

The bird theme is very strong in this case, see the bold sections, and her use of the words dirt, sewer, cleansing the shit and the dream of the corpses made me choose a vulture and I happened to have GYPS HIMALAYENSIS (Pharmacie G.Goyens Namur Belgium).
So I gave it to her.

Follow Up 5 weeks later
"After taking the remedy my solar plexus relaxed completely, which extended to the throat. It feels like a big change. I could leave the restlessness outside of me.
I had a nice celebration of the 'summer solstice', met beautiful people and got some old astral information. It has to do with an Indian pipe, white bison and wisdom.
I saw a photograph of the Titicaca lake and I recognized the underwater city from a former dream.
Everything comes together. I experience a spiritual growth, a different consciousness is forming. I feel more strongly in contact with the invisible world through a grounded feeling. This is in contrast to an early clairvoyant period when I was about 23. At that time I was in love with a clairvoyant woman and I saw her changing into a bald man from her earlier incarnation. I almost went out of my mind that time. Now I feel much more stable to use this kind of information.
At the summer solstice, during a ritual, sitting at the side of a lake I 'saw' a mound of dirty misery pollution going through a funnel into the lake, being purified in a glass town under the water and spirally ascending out. It was moving me from very far and deep, it almost felt older than this world and my tears flooded just like that.
My left shoulder and arm are still stiff as if broken-winged, it has been gone but came back this last week. I got fired (again) from a job which I had only just started, They accepted me because of my openness, apart from my professionalism of course, and my boss promised me a contract the same week. After 5 weeks I still did not have it, despite repeating my request, because I had to make arrangements with the social services. The boss is of the authoritarian, do-not-bother-me type and I seem to confront people without knowing it, which seems especially threatening for certain men. I got this very old feeling of not being seen and being manipulated at the same time. I was very careful but it felt all the more like an anthill. I am very sensitive to power- games and hate it. I really wanted that job, my colleagues were nice and I liked the work. He, my boss, took my job away. I’m becoming cynical and hard in myself and l am losing faith that there are any possibilities for me without selling my soul to the devil. What to do? I did my very best. It is like my early childhood, I wanted to share but stayed an outsider. I find having so little money restricting, I feel like a broken-winged bird in an open cage."

Advice; repeat the remedy if needed.

Follow Up: 4 1/2 (9 1/2) weeks later
She has tried to communicate with people from her last job about why things went the way they did. "I do not understand that type of management. Someone from the personnel management asked me to work the conflict out and I got the feeling that she was trying to let me clean their rubbish within the organization. I asked for an exit talk with my ex boss. At first he agreed, but later he changed his mind. Now I am uncertain whether I have to let go of it. I just want an explanation for how I have been treated.
I am more active again now after that depressing period. I am a passionate woman but my passion was totally gone. At times I felt dull and without any perspective. Now I am looking for my destination. I am less extrovert, more introspective and I have a lot of free time.
I am fascinated by subservient leadership. It has to do with compassion. It has been part of my life from young age.
I am looking for a new job again, asa funeral leader. Two years ago I conducted a ritual during the funeral of my father and I told the people about his view on life, then I read the piece I had written to him. Later one of the undertakers asked me if I was willing to do rituals for other deceased. Now I am indeed considering this. These rituals arise from love and connection. I felt compassion even at the funeral of my stepfather."

Arms are still a bit stiff but the pain is almost gone.

Advice; wait and call if necessary.

Follow Up next month
She went through deep old pains from former relationships. “I am always the giving party. I need recognition for who I am and want to be needed. I take care of my mother but she tempered me in going my own way. I still need her confirmation, but I do not get it.
I have felt lonely and I had a longing to be carried like a baby.
I am furious with people who ignore me and at myself that I do not stop smoking. I have to go to the pit, to deserve to live. I am aware of my fear of life, of death, of loneliness.”

6 months after the Gyps Himalayensis I gave her Lac Maternum MK (because her extremely strong bond with her mother).

Follow Up after 1 month
“I have had a miraculous time, feeling connections as love streams through and around me. I recognize my own form and am more capable of saying yes or no. I feel intermediary in my family. I restored communication with family members and I felt recognition. It felt like healing the contact. I started to air my grievances in all my relationships and the effect is positive.
In my professional life it is not easy to find a suitable job for my experience and vision about quality and how to treat people and work with them in respect, making optimal use of their qualities.
Quite soon I feel that I am misused and lose respect for the bosses.”

She was offered a job in a Reintegration project for addicted, abused an isolated people and she took it.

Follow Up 1 year after the first remedy
It was confrontational to work and compare herself with her colleagues and she recognised her own manner and mask, and how easily she acts the clown in uneasy circumstances.
“I threw old convictions out, like my enormous resistance to adapt. I convinced myself I must accept the situation if it were not too repulsive. I am experimenting instead of panicking. But I still feel inner resistance to the representatives of the pragmatism of the system.”
Dreams about being chained to the wall, feeling caged.
“I went deep into the pit in a continuing inner dialogue and I feared that I could be submerged within the system, or leave, or not accomplish the task. Very stressful. Lately I feel more part of the team."

She has taken the GYPS HYMALAYENSIS at times when she felt the need.

The reason that I wanted to publish this case was the latest edition of the 'LINKS' (Spring '09) where a couple of bird cases like Cathartes Aura / Turkey Vulture, have been published.

The Gyps Hymalayensis unknown in our Materia Medica, happened to be the 'Vulture" I could lay hands on at the time.

Anne Wirtz

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