65. Liga Congress 2010 in Redondo Beach, California

65th Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis (LMHI) May 18-22, 2010


The LIGA Congress of 2010 explored ways in which homeopathy can play a vital role in the future of medicine. The historic gathering marked the 200th anniversary of Samuel Hahnemann's Organon of Medicine.

There were 400 participants from 27 different countries. 100 speakers presented their latest discoveries. Nancy Herrick and Roger Morrison showed impressive Carbon cases. Linda Johnston and Frans Vermeulen presented the Malvaceae family. Sadhna Thakkar and Farokh Master described different snake remedies. Didier Grandgeorge discussed the essence of homeopathic remedies, Richard Pitcairn spoke about animal behavior, Alok Pareek on nephrotic syndrome, Jonathan Shore about homeopathic provings and Todd Rowe on the homeopathic community in the States.

Linda Johnston presented her latest book The Child's World. The first English edition of Spectrum of Homeopathy was distributed. A rich, diverse program full of inspirations for the future.

Impressions from the last Liga Congress 2009 in Warsaw, Poland.

The Liga Congress took place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Redondo Beach, Los Angeles

Crowne Plaza Reception

Dana Ullman Roger Morrison, Nancy Herrick and George Guess
Alok Pareek with his wife L. Johnston and F. Vermeulen Farokh Master

Argentinian homeopaths Cemon Christina Ari

Discussions Andrew Lange Anton Rohrer
David Warkentin
Amarinder Singh (right)
C. Campora and J. Schmidt
Narayana's book table
Nancy Herrick signes Readers Linda Johnston and R. Sevar
Melanie Grimes G. Spinelli and R. Petrucci Peter Gregory
Richard Pitcairn Ronko Itamura (left), Japan Sadhna Thakkar
Will Taylor Will Taylor's speech
Audience Thomas Peinbaur
Sadhna Thakkar with husband Steven and Lee Kayne Todd Rowe (left)
Didier Grandgeorge speech Kim Elia Twins, Mexico
Harbor Redondo Beach
Callistemon Pelicans


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