2006 Février

Trillium Pendulum, Am I Pure or Am I Not

de Sally Williams
Female Age 36
She is a very tall, very lean German. She is dressed in a long flowing flowery dress. She is quiet, precise, and sits tall.

C.C. She has had a malignant tumor in the uterus and endometriosis. With the cancer she had profuse bright red bleeding and severe pain. She had surgery to remove the endometriosis and the tumor. She had 5 months of chemotherapy following the surgery and has not had a period since. Her ovaries and uterus are healthy and she would like to have a child.

“I go to a psychotherapist. I have a history of incest with my father. I was not forced, I was a consenting participant. I never realized it was sexual abuse until I went to my therapist with anxiety during my periods. I was lonely as a child and I remember having panic attacks before exams. My father would spend hours practicing with me and I did not want to disappoint him. My mother was very critical of me. She was very jealous because I got what she did not from my father. I came to the US as an exchange student. I needed the distance. I never went back.
I am in a relationship now. Except for my father I am a virgin. I want to have a baby, but I want to have IVF. I am afraid of being intimate and I think it may be unresolved guilt.
I had horrible experiences with a Dr. during my cancer. He was very abusive. The best thing I did was walk out of his office. He was trying to talk me into a hysterectomy. He said I was going to die in a couple of months. That was 2 ½ years ago and I am very healthy. I just do not have my period yet.
I enjoy being by myself. I do not have very strong boundaries so it is important that I have time to myself.”

“Being in bed with my Father and the Nazis come and throw me into a concentration camp.”

“It is the 2nd World War and there are bullets flying all around me. I have a baby and I am trying to protect us with a frying pan. When the bullets stop I can not find my baby and I am terrified.”

“A Dr. comes to see me in the hospital and he tries to rape me. I disappear into the middle of the earth where God resides and I sit there to collect energy before going back up to face the Dr.”

Rx Trillium pendulum 200c. Two doses 2 hours apart.

Trillium pendulum is part of the Liliacea family. Jan Scholten teaches that Lily Tigrinum has the feeling of “have I acted pure or not”. I have found it is common to Trillium as well. You can see the theme in K.B.’s dreams as well as her statement, “Except for my father I am still a virgin”.

The common name of Trillium is Birthroot, which characterizes her complaint. The American Indians used the bulb like root for many different medicines. .

Trillium has uterine hemorrhages, threatened abortions and anxiety during menses. Lou Klein states that Trillium has a delusion of being separated from the uterus which seems strong in the case.

Six week follow up

“Things are going quite well. I was worried and called you, if you remember, because I started to bleed very heavily just a few days after the remedy. It was like a miscarriage, but I knew I was not pregnant. I was happy to be bleeding, but I was anxious too. You said to wait a couple of days and call you. By the next day the bleeding had completely stopped. Twenty-eight days later I had a period! It was normal. Light flow and about four days long.”
“I was pregnant and I was in the woods. I dug a large hole and had my baby in the hole.”

Plan: One dose Trillium pendulum 200c

Twelve week follow up
“I am doing very well. I have had two more periods. They are normal and I am feeling very strong. I have decided not to have the child by IVF, but to have a baby with my boyfriend. We have started to become intimate and he has moved in. We have discussed having a child and we both think it is right for us.”

“My father is the justice of a small town. There is a woman that had been severely abusing animals. It was my father’s responsibility to sentence her. He fined her $100.00!! I kept telling him he could not do that. She was getting off very very light for what she had done. When I woke I thought to myself that because I had moved to the states that was my father’s $100.00 fine. He got off very very light.

I have seen K.B. over the last few years to help her maintain her health. She has married and has one child. I am currently helping her with her second pregnancy. Except for a couple of acute remedies for situational circumstances she still responds well to Trillium pendulum.

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