February 2016
Editorial: the never ending wonders of veterinary homeopathy
Keywords: editorial
Rage syndrome: a case of Lyssinum
Keywords: rage syndrome, barking, biting, demanding, irritable, nervous, shy, rabies vaccination
Charlie and the cuddle factory: a case of Lac suis
Keywords: needy for love, excessive drinking, enjoys bathing, obsessed with food, need to be included, suckling, kneading, affectionate, skin contact
Prancing like a pony: a case of Lac equinum
Keywords: seasonal dermatitis, otitis externa, sympathetic, obedient, swollen teats, sensitive to noise, sensitive to fear, cowering
The surrogate mother: a case of Lac humanum
Keywords: latching on, clinging, attaching, like a baby, desires paper, staying indoors, dislike milk
Rude and flashing: a case of Borax
Keywords: sensitive to noise, irritability, vertigo on descending
A rabbit with an eye injury: a case of Physostigma
Keywords: eye injury, cannot shut eyelids, swelling top of head, quiet, not eating
Running around in circles: a case of Tuberculinum
Keywords: extreme restlessness, jumping at every noise, demanding attention, insatiable appetite, love sweets, never satisfied
Sarcolactic acid in veterinary use
Sarcolactic acid in veterinary use, by Lisbeth Ellinger, Michel de Sonnaville
Keywords: cramps, stiffness, extreme tiredness, paralytic weakness, anxiety, irritability
The farmer and his herd: a case of Baryta carbonica
Keywords: mastitis, arteriosclerosis, feeling invaded, powerless, routine, responsibility
Panorama: seminars and books
Keywords: Panorama