2006 October

Pulsatilla, An example of leucorrhea treated with

by Dr. Pawan Pareek
Case of leucorrhea
• A poor old widow lady aged 72 years suffering from excoriating, burning, offensive discharge, especially after urination.
• Fever with chill at every excessive discharge for the last six months.
• Lady was full of anxiety.
• Talkative.
• Thirstless.
• Pain in all limbs and bones.
• Restlessness.
• Great weakness, better motion.

Investigation before treatment
• Uterus measures 7.1x5.7x4.8 cm and a cystic solid mass in side the uterus measuring 5x4.2 cm.
• Both the ovaries could not be seen.
• CUL-DE-SAC no fluid seen in it.
• Internal iliac lymph node enlarged.
• Cancer of the body of uterus?
• Advised D & C Histopathology examination.

Homeopathic treatment
• Pyrogenium 200 Single dose weekly at bed time was prescribed.
• Anxiety, restlessness and fever with chill was better but excoriating, burning and offensive discharge continued.
• Kreosotum 200 weekly at bed time was prescribed.
• After two weeks of treatment offensive, bloody discharge was stopped to a large extent.
• Same medicine repeated.

After 1 month of treatment
The patient is still not feeling well.
• After four weeks of treatment, bloody, offensive discharge was totally stopped.
• But mentally she was depressed and fearful, but was gentle in character.
• Thirstless, drinking only one glass of water a day.
• Pulsatilla 10 M, fortnightly at bed time was prescribed.
• Placebo 30 BD was prescribed too.

After 6 months of treatment
• Hypoechogenic area measures 2.6 x 2.3 cm in size.
• No enlargement of internal iliac lymph node was seen.
• Pulsatilla 10 M repeated.

After 1 year of treatment
• Uterus normal in shape and size.
• Uterus size 53x26x31 mm.
• No adnexal mass seen.
• No ascites or paraortic lymph node seen in the scan.

This was an example of new life for an old woman with an unlimited power of repair, which can be roused within us by the right medicine. How one can cure the quality of a person by cutting a piece of her?

Dr. Pawan Pareek - Agra - India

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Keywords: leucorrhea, pulsatilla, pyrogenium, kreosotum


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