2009 December

Erbium Metallicum, a stoic person

by Irina Shilova
Patient, 42 years.

Came with the diagnosis - chronic obstructive bronchitis, myocardiodystrophy, duodenal ulcer , adenomatous stomach- polyp. Complaints of frequent colds, cough with pain in the right lung, palpitations - in rest 120, the frequent bronchitis proceeds with a fever up to 40°_

The patient’s character; quiet, equal, constrained, counterbalanced, silent. «I am interested in communication. My big hobby is radio-dialogue by the ether, cars». Works as an electrician in the communication-field.
At a question of what his work consists, whether he follows instructions of others easily and submits, he answered -«chiefs pick at everyone, but I only do what I consider necessary. I can defend my opinion rigidly and I will never execute what I do not agree. Took a great interest in clairvoyant individuals. I observe the world calmly, with love and kindness. I do not harm anyone. If the person changes for the better, his environment changes for the better too. I try to analyze criticism to get rid of negativity ».

He considers spiritual perfection as the purpose of life. The greatest pleasure experienced in life -« a condition close to nirvana “.
” At the moment the basic problem is the illness of my child and the lack of understanding of my wife for my point of view “.” I want love and care to make everything better. That is the core of a family for me. I do always everything in my own way ».
He often feels low-spirited. At a question« is it depression?
He answers -« there is no way for expression. I search for an exit all the time ».
The patient is stoic.
Because of the momentary difficult situation he comes for a consultation with a seriously ill daughter and his wife who is ill too. The family leans on him. He provides the finances. He does not talk a lot and gives an impression of indifference. The person is as a mask, without any emotion, as submerged in grief against which he is powerless.

/From 9 years old on he often dreamed of extraterrestrial civilizations. Space wars. Etc.
At a question « What do you feel in the dream?» He answers:« I feel nothing, I simply observe, but I want Earth to be protected ».
/«I go somewhere on transport. I know that I have a purpose, and I do reach it».
/Another dream - labyrinths, tunnels.

On waking he feels as if the dream is real and life on the Earth is a dream. Two years ago he had a trauma with a period of long immovability.
«I lied as a tree. I did not need anything, there was no hurry, no bustle and a feeling that I had reconciled with all. I could simply lie down and observe ». The patient speaks little. There is gloom and a sensation of deep grief, which is a strong part of his personality. Something must have happened. Words had to be literally «squeezed out» of him.

The theme of a mineral kingdom is obviously expressed.
Task, performance.
The task - spiritual perfection, the development of the mind. The patient is no leader, but does everything only in his own way and rigidly defends a position. He is independent. Does not execute tasks which he is told to be done by someone, he is not a simple executor.
It puts it all in the gold series.
His spiritual search is characteristic for the Lanthanides, dreams also specific for lanthanides. He does not participate in struggle, he simply observes.
This is stage 14.
Also the sensations after the trauma - «I do not need anything. I think about eternal life, I lie down and I observe».
This is Erbium metallicum (200C).
Stage 14 - formal, a mask, indifferent, aloof, rejected.
Lanthanides - independence, freedom, master to himself, deep, searching, search, the individualist, the savior.
Erbium metallicum - the most amazing characteristics of people of this type - Indifference, estrangement, formality as though they have refused a life and were discharged of it. Laconic behavior. They can be stoics.
There can be an impression that they have it all under control, but in reality they feel powerless. They wish to struggle with rules, but cannot; circumstances are stronger than they are. They just observe. People of this type are sensitive to this world and consequently try to protect themselves from emotions. They behave as if emotions do not exist. They keep themselves isolated, closed. The impression is that they are indifferent to all. However it is stoicism.

Follow Up
The first follow-up after taking Erbium metallicum 200C;
He told that within 10 days his joints were hurting, his temperature rose to 38°_.

After the second intake he got strong diarrhea, cough and large lumps of expectoration came out.

After two months the patient feels stronger, feeling better. He became quieter, more joyful. The sensation of life as a dream and he only an observer, has left. The family-relations got better.

Endoscopic investigation 4 months after the start of taking the remedy;
the polyp is not detected anymore. Within a year the repeated colds and bronchitis were gone. He is still under control.

Irini Shilova
email: ad002783@ukr.net

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Keywords: Erbium metallicum, a chronic obstructive bronchitis, myocardiodystrophia, duodenal ulcer , spiritual perfection, spiritual growth, Lanthanides


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