2008 October

Element theory revisited: introduction to the case studies

by Ai-Ling Su Makewell
The Transformational Journey of Three Very Timid Women - from a Mouse to a Goddess

Mouse Goddess Cat

“Healing” has always meant for me, to be that the healing of souls – the deepest level of one’s being. Our life on Earth is a way of experiencing the self in a three-dimensional “box-like universe”, where all manifestations are reflections of “who we are” individually as well as collectively. The external manifestations are reflections of the soul, as all homoeopaths know that physical symptoms of disease are only manifestations of the effort of the vital force to heal itself. The mental and emotional expressions are the energy patterns (essence) that, in time, create the manifestations in the physical body, our relationship patterns with others and the material world surrounds us. If healing takes place at the soul level one’s life will change and the physical disease symptoms healed as a consequence.

Every step of the way in life we make choices; the deep desire to be healed is a choice of the soul, as diseases like everything else in life is meaningful to the individual, therefore serves a purpose. My own healing journey spans almost my entire life; in that process I came face to face with my own inner demons, with less than flattery side of myself, with the shadows, etc. through which the development of an inner core formed and grew stronger and brighter with time. The journey itself is as rewarding as it was painful. My external life paled beside those interior happenings.

Healing, more than anything else, requires courage and commitment to confront certain issues that we would rather let lay and forget. Consequently, the following cases are of three very courageous women’s healing journey, which is what I would consider as: “The transformation from a mouse to a goddess.” The relating of their healing journey is my way of honouring their courage and celebrating their spirit. More importantly, this deep transformation that took place within these women with homoeopathic remedies would not be possible if it were not for Scholten’s insight and genius in formulating the Element Theory in such a way that enabled me to perceive their individual essence.

The remedies used in their healing are, Magnesium-muriaticum-carbonicum, Magnesium-carbonicum-oxydatum, and Magnesium-muriaticum-oxydatum. Although these remedies have not been traditionally proven, the result for each of these women is life changing and consciousness altering. My decision to give them the combination of three elements was not set out with specific intention to do so, but was the result of a process, from my experience with Rosaline - the first case. In that I was guided by the unfolding of her self to perceive what was required by the vital force. Even though the given remedy acted deeply, it did not embrace every aspect of Rosaline as she continued to change and grow. How these women’s lives will unfold I do not know, but I do know from the experience of my personal healing journey, they will not look back one day with regrets.

As of my “rule” over the past seven years, I have been giving remedies to my patients in consultation and then wait for reactions. The reason for my practising in this way is that if the remedy is the simillimum there ought to be responses from the vital force immediately. Also, I want to know what it is like for the patient who has received the simillimum and how it is when the remedy given is not the simillimum. Over the years my understanding is as follows.

Briefly, first, if a remedy is the simillimum it will have an effect even if the potency given is low (e.g. 30C).
However, the degree of a person’s sensitivity affects his/her ability to detect the sensations – how the remedy is working. If it were not the simillimum, there would be no reaction.
Secondly, when the remedy is the simillimum there will be positive sensations as of relaxation, calmness, feeling sleepy, happiness, etc. these may be accompanied by tingling sensations, and/or the returning of symptoms (for a very short time).
When the remedy is not the simillimum, but there is some resonance between the remedy and the individual, there will be some reactions but not strongly.
Thirdly, each potency will solicit a different reaction in sensations and feelings from the patient. When there is no reaction whatsoever in a patient, then I’ll need to look for another remedy that is the simillimum.
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Ai-Ling Su Makewell
email: essentialbeing@ozforces.com

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