2007 September

Editorial September 2007

by Anne Wirtz, Jan Scholten
Looking at the cases in this edition I was again pleased to see with what one can achieve with homeopathy. This wonderful healing science has tremendous potential. I also remember the case of an alcoholic man cured with Helleborus, published in the January issue. That man could afterwards drink just a glass of beer, without going into a relapse. That is an astonishing result compared with most alcoholic cases where only total destination can keep them away from a relapse. In a way they are not really cured, but just kept away from their danger.

The more it is so curious that homoeopathy is neglected, seen as ineffective and withheld resources for research. The regular medical workers are in some strange state of being. An example can clarify this. A few days ago a lady came that had had her thyroid inflamed and working too fast. Her specialist had told her that she had to be treated with radioactive Iodium or the thyroid surgically removed, as the disease was dangerous and never disappears. During the treatment all symptoms disappeared and she was completely well. Her specialist told her that his treatment was ended, there was no need for it any more. Then she asked "But you said that it never gets cured". Then he said "There are some exceptions, very seldom, of spontaneous cure". She said that she had done some other therapies chiropraxy and homeopathy. The specialist answered "You are not saying that they have to do anything with the spontaneous remission".

There is obviously a problem in normal medicine regarding homeopathy. They put theory above reality. Instead of adapting their ideas to what is happening, they just deny the facts. It is a pity that such an unscientific attitude is so prevailing.

Dr. Manish Patal shares two of his cases and the Anacardium occidentale case shows an example of theme-and-stage-thinking in the plant-kingdom. We wish you much pleasure with this edition.

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