2006 September

Editorial September 2006

by Anne Wirtz
This September edition gives, besides some cases,
ways of thinking regarding homeopathic treatment and a discussion of the effect of it.

Dr. Dietmar Payrhuber shows how the use of the classification of remedies and the group-analysis with their mental content helps, to recognize the needed remedy, through comparison of the archetypical themes.
He gives a beautiful example of a brain-tumor-case.

Then follows an article of Dr. L Rutten: To prove or to improve; about the prejudice of the scientific world, which is a contradictio in terminis.
It seems that the homeopathic world must be kept in a state of defense, regarding all attacks it gets. This has not changed yet since Hahnemann.
Most media seem only to give space to negative publications with little or no possibility to contradict their statements or to explain the essence of Homeopathy.
Why should Homeopathy be seen as a threat in the first place?
At the same time they state that it cannot be effective because of the strongly diluted remedies.
(In de October edition an extended article of Jan Scholten will be published on this item and more, under the title; Homeopathy as Information Science).

The 3rd Naphtalinum case is the last example of this remedy and the Manganum/Samarium oxydatum case shows how a 70 years old woman regains her strength through these remedies.
In the Bismuthum Sulphuricum Case the effect of the remedy of this series is clear.
(More cases will follow where the central theme of the problem is related to suicide. See for the basic information about Bismuthum the August edition -> Bismuthum Sulphuricum Case ).

I trust that you will enjoy the contents of this September edition.
Please give your comments. And we invite you to send us cases for publication.
Anne Wirtz - Amsterdam NL

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