2007 November

Editorial November 2007

by Jan Scholten
Psychology and psychiatry is a major part of homeopathy. In regular medicine it is known that diseases can be psychosomatic, but this idea is so pervasive in homeopathy that it is not used anymore. All diseases are seen as psychosomatic, so it is of no benefit to use the concept.
When one expresses the idea that all diseases start in the mind, one often encounters resistance. It is felt as an attack, an accusation. People tend to feel "guilty" of their disease, but that is not what is meant. Guilt can be a feeling and as such very real, but is unreal from the scientific point of view. Diseases are just creations and there is no guilt in that.
Regular medicine sees all diseases as coming from the outside, in the form of trauma's, bacteria and viruses. So life is threatened from the outside and those enemies have to be attacked. It induces fear from the outside world and defenses have to be strengthened.
Seeing disease as coming from the inside is the opposite position. It helps people become in charge of their life again, they can change themselves and so become healthy or "whole", which is coming from the same root as healthy.

In this edition we have several aspects of this dichotomy, or paradox. In the Majeptil case, it looks as if the disease is a consequence of the use of Majeptil, an anti-psychotic drug, but the woman did not come in that state by Majeptil, but by....? herself.

In the article about the second chakra we se another aspect of the dichotomy. Chakra's are very real in Indian philosophy, but seen as fantasy in western science. They are seen as unreal because they cannot be measured materially, but they can be experienced in the psyche and as such are very real.

The incorporation of the mind or psyche in healing is a major advantage of homeopathy, one of its greatest strengths.

Enjoy this edition of Interhomeopathy,
Jan Scholten

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