2006 November

Editorial November 2006

by Jan Scholten/Anne Wirtz
In this November issue the theme of process is prominent. Many articles are about the birth process and the stages therein with connections to the elements of the carbon series, the second row of the periodic table of elements.
Life is full of processes, it is itself a process. Every life has a start, comes to full development and then a decline sets in resulting in the end. The beauty is that we see that process reflected in the periodic table of elements. The columns at the left are symbolic for the start, the ones in the middle for full development and the ones at the right symbolize the decline. That is why they are also called Stages; they are the stages in a process.
The strange thing is that in our culture the minerals are seen as “dead”, having no life. And yet they represent the whole life of all living creatures. The elements in the second row represent the development of the ego. And this again is represented by the process of birth. It looks as if the childhood is reflected in short in the birth. Jan Scholten writes about the birth process.
In this edition the cases of the Indian gynecologist Dr. Abhay Talwalkar show how in the hectic life of hospital work an experienced homeopath can help the birth process in a gentle way, making it possible to prevent Caesarian sections.
In the trauma-cases Dr. Natarajan wants to share his enthusiasm for homeopathy in his life, since he has been working with it from the early sixties.
The Macaw case shows one of the relatively recently proven bird remedies and the effect on this woman.

Of course we would like to see your contributions for future editions. It will make Interhomeopathy better, more diversified and more yours.

I hope you will enjoy it.

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Reply #1 on : Sat November 04, 2006, 17:46:15
Dear Sir(JS),My friends in India are eager to get your book-Minerals and Elements.Would it be possible to let it know its publishers in India.Your concept enlightens the understanding the philosophy/approach to the disease. Thanks.