2009 May

Editorial May 2009

by Jan Scholten
Recently Michael Quinn passed away. I see this as a great loss for the homeopathic community. In the seventies he was one of the pioneers of homeopathy in the United States, together with people like Roger Morrison and Bill Grey. Michael went into pharmacy and founded the Hahnemann Laboratories and made many remedies, old and new, available for homeopaths. I have met him a few times and have come to know him as a very honest and honorable man. He made his remedies with much precision and perfectionism.

Michael once told me the story of doing a proving during triturating Platina.
He developed symptoms without thinking of doing a proving, it just happened. Now it is very obvious to people who have done trituration that it is very hard not to do a proving as there is a mist of fine milk sugar hanging in the room and one will inspire it constantly. Michael's most remarkable symptom was that he felt "very big and tall, much taller than other people". This symptom is symbolic for the essence of Platina, being the best and greatest person, the king or emperor. This experience showed the power of "trituration provings".

He also did research with Arnica in plastic surgery. His double blind study showed without any doubt that Arnica was very effective in reducing ecchymoses after plastic surgery. He showed the results on conferences of plastic surgery, so that by now many surgeons are using Arnica in the United States. I am still wondering how many of those surgeons really know what they do, but it helps very well, so they use it.

That study alone demonstrated and proved the effectiveness of homeopathy. One only has to google "arnica plastic surgery" to see how widely it is used. Homeopathy has proven itself in practice. The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

We wish you much pleasure in reading this issue of Interhomeopathy.

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Reply #1 on : Wed June 10, 2009, 14:52:15
Dear Jan ,

Since 1998 I did many
triturations and a few provings before 1998. So, I know both. The word trituration proving does not really fit. For me there are provings and there are triturations. If you prove a remedy, and we do it mostly with C3-triturated remedies , it`s like falling into a state, which the prover hopefully can describe then ( for us to learn about the remedy and symptoms ) Triturating a remedy is something very different. It`s like walking through different levels of the stuff ( we are triturating), it`s much more dynamic, we have mostly less symptoms, . It`s much more a process through a theme,moving through the field, mostly up to C4 and further, until we get a solution.
Proving a remedy,is more >falling into a state,<
I would like that we distinguish with the words we use ,these two very different things.
Also the intention to do a proving or to do a trituration is very different.

warm greetings from Munich
Karin Degkwitz