2009 June

Editorial June 2009

by Jan Scholten
We are very used to the name homeopathy, but in a way the name is a bit strange. I will try to explain why it feels strange for me in some ways.

The name homeopathy is derived from the Law of Similars: curing with the same substance that can cause the disease, the diseased state. Some call this Law a rule, a rule for prescribing, but I prefer to call it a Law. A law that says how cure will take place. When it is a law, a scientific law, it means that it will always be the case and it applies to all situations. Like gravity in physics, it is true always and everywhere, it is universal.

Whether the Law of Similars is universal is not completely known. This is because the way to test it is not straightforward. To ascertain if a remedy is "similar" to a disease is exact, we don't have an exact procedure for it. It is fairly impossible to produce exactly similar "test situations" that can be done easily in physics. Life is too complex to be molded in test positions. Tests cannot be repeated because the original situation will always be changed in essential ways after prescribing remedies or after life has passed for some time.

But there are quite convincing arguments for the universality of the Law of similars. First, homeopathy is quite successful in treating patients, even with inexact procedures. The law is also seen in other fields, an example is the "flooding" in "Behaviourism". In psychotherapy paradoxical strategies are often used and seen as very effective. There are even scientists who claim that the effective part of many psychotherapies is its paradoxical part (Jay Haley).

Now the strange thing is to name the science after one of its laws. Why should one name medicine or healing after the Law of similars, so "homeopathy". That would be similar to naming physics "gravitationism" or something like that. Healing is healing and when the Law of similars is universal, one just uses it in the science of healing. Just some philosophical considerations. For practical purpose the name homeopathy is of course, very good.
We wish you pleasant reading with this issue of Interhomeopathy.

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