2008 June

Editorial June 2008

by Jan Scholten
Near death experiences

Homeopathy is often criticized and dismissed because it is not material. It is said of homeopathic remedies, "there is nothing in it". Well known are the comparisons of throwing one drop of dilution in the ocean and taking the "dilution out at the other side of the ocean". Of course the whole comparison is lacking because homeopathy does not use dilutions but potencies.
However, the materialistic axiom is strong. It can be called a paradigm, but it is not discussed. It is taken as a starting point without questioning where it came from, as if it can be grounded in anything. A good example is that of the physicist Robbert Dijkgraaf in his book "Blikwisselingen" (Changes of view point). He states "we are a machine, if we would like to know it or not" and "if it is a symphony of Beethoven or a song of Frans Bauer, in the end the song is only in our head".

Recently a Dutch cardiologist has published a book about near death experiences "Eindeloos bewustzijn". He has also published about it in articles "The continuity of Consciousness". His research shows clearly "that consciousness can exist and be experienced independent of brain functions". One can find more information at http://www.iands.org/research/important_studies/dr._pim_van_lommel:_continuity_of_consciousness.html.
It is a good example of experimental fact that shows that the materialistic paradigm is incorrect. For homeopaths that it is one door, but the culture in general still adheres to the materialistic paradigm. It is one of the main diseases of our society.

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Reply #1 on : Wed July 23, 2008, 22:37:01
Thanks sir, for letting me of NDE's. As a corollary I would like to mention about Dr.Brian Weiss's book,'Many Lives, Many Masters' that deals with past lives.