2009 July

Editorial July 2009

by Jan Scholten
Strange dimensions

For adversaries of homeopathy, our science is a strange contradiction. Their world is limited to matter and this something that has "no-thing" in it cannot have any effect. So when they see an effect they immediately have to resort to "explanations" like "placebo", "statistically insignificant" or "fraud". "Placebo" is a beautiful explanation. It is beautiful because it doesn't explain anything. "Chance" is a similar kind of explanation that only hides that one doesn't know something happens, but because it looks like an explanation, one is excused from looking further and deeper into the case. It even "shows" that further research is useless and thus stupid.

One can draw a parallel with the thought experiment of "Flatland". Flatland is a country where there are only two dimensions for the creatures living in it, at least they can only perceive two dimensions. In the third dimension things happen that sometimes cross flatland. The creatures in Flatland see things suddenly appearing and disappearing, without understanding where they came from or where they went. For them such things are accidental, happening by "chance". The explanation of "chance" will give a kind of reassurance, as if the things that happen from the third dimension are understood and under control. Of course they are not at all understood as they don't see or understand any of the third dimension.

The controversy between homeopathy and "hard science" is very similar. Flatland is like the material world and the materialism paradigm is the conviction that it is all that exists. In that frame of reference there is no place for another dimension, the mind or spiritual world. That dimension is not seen and is denied in hard science, but it is an essential part of the universe, it is the dimension from which the diseases originate. When one can see (part of) that world; diseases make sense. When one only sees the material world, diseases are accidental, bad luck, generated by "chance".

It sometimes looks as if we really live in different worlds. I prefer the world and dimension that gives more understanding of life. I imagine you as a reader are in the same position, even when a lot of people blame or ridicule you, which is understandable from their point of view.

I wish you much reading pleasure and a good holiday.

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