2007 February

Editorial February 2007

by Anne Wirtz
Editorial February 2007

Homeopathy inside hospitals.

As you will see in this issue, some cases are presented out of a hospital situation.
This I wanted to emphasize because it reminded me of my wishful thoughts as a student to bring homeopathy into the hospital. As an intensive care nurse from origin, I still can feel the remains of my professional roots if I visit a hospital. Some years ago I needed their help because of a wrist fracture and I felt immediately the familiar village-like-connection between doctors, nurses, lab assistants and others.
It has been 27 years since I left my former job and I have recognized for quite some years that my dream of making a difference through professional homeopathy in a clinical setting is far from realized in our western society. In India for example homeopathy is widespread, educated in University and students can find extended practical support from many qualified experienced homeopaths, also inside the hospital. We have a long way to go (in the west)… but thanks to exchange programs, seminars and the internet the dissemination of knowledge is much faster than before for those who want to develop their qualifications. We live in a time that many new remedies are being proven and prescribed, and the possibility of sharing cases has grown enormously compared to some years ago, all of which can be quite overwhelming.
Our journal, Interhomeopathy, can help to bring the taste of this knowledge in small bits so that it makes you curious, more understanding and eager to get more information to the profit of your patients.
I hope that you enjoy the content of this February-issue.

Anne Wirtz
Amsterdam NL

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