2007 August

Editorial August 2007

by Anne Wirtz
It is holiday-time, vacation, vacant … is like empty, with very little reaction or comments for us.
It is recuperation-time, building up the energy to jump into the discussions and the sharing of cases and ideas.
I decided to publish a small edition this month to prevent information from piling up during a time of diversion when we might look in different directions other than cases and homeopathic information, no matter how interesting and enjoyable.
-- Besides; Family and friends might need their share of attention --
Dr. Pawan Pareek offers us two CVA cases with their clinical homeopathic treatment. Dr.Chetna N. Shukla a Secale- case, both very nicely showing their way of homeopathic management in serious pathology.
Ralf Jürgens brings some ‘elemental’ question into the ‘homeopathic arena’.

Figure Bron-Nitride Boron-Nitride-nanotube

I look forward to any comment on this edition or other parts of Interhomeopathy.

Quote from an art-program;
“If you feel a passion there will be a need to share … “
How recognizable !

Anne Wirtz
Amsterdam NL

Categories: Editorials

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