2009 April

Editorial April 2009

by Jan Scholten
Probably everybody in the homeopathic world knows James Randi, the "famous" debunker of all "alternative crap". For several years James Randi has had one million dollars on offer to anyone that can demonstrate paranormal or supernatural powers or events. Vithoulkas and a group of Greek homeopaths have set up a trial, fulfilling all the conditions he has set. This process has been continuing since 2003 and Randi keeps postponing and retiring from the project. Now 6 years later he claimed on his website (www.randi.org) that the homeopaths had withdrawn from the experiment. This accusation is strenuously denied by Vithoulkas. Robin Logan has written about it at http://www.naturalnews.com/z025627.html .

It is as always,homeopathy is said not to work, but the adversaries are too afraid to really put it to the test. It is like the the astronomers in the time of Galileo; they refused to look through his telescope to the moons of Jupiter because there couldn't be moons of Jupiter.

Sometimes for some, or should I say many, scientist's science has become like a religion. It is a belief system that adheres very strongly to the materialism paradigm, that there is nothing else in the world other than matter and physics. One could call it a paradigm, but just as easily, it can be called a belief, axiom or dogma.

I wish you much reading pleasure with this edition of Interhomeopathy.

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Reply #1 on : Mon April 13, 2009, 09:54:01
I have recently been involved in arguments about homeopathy on the You Tube pages for James Randi's videos.

Through this, i have had contact with some lovely people, supporters of homeopathy in the U.S.A. & other countries (Im in Australia). I first heard about this debacle through them.

They now inform me that Randi's video pages rubbishing homeopathy have been removed from You Tube due to "violation of terms of use". I have been unable to find out the reason so far.

Obviously it's a tragedy that the time and energy of George Vithoulkas has been wasted by James Randi in this way, which could have furthered his work on Materia Medica Viva. Long live George!