2008 April

Editorial April 2008

by Jan Scholten
Freedom of choice

Homeopathy is under attack by media, journalist, medical people and politicians. A remarkable example is the meta-analysis in the Lancet, where the conclusion was put forward that homeopathy is only placebo. That the whole set-up of the meta-analysis was fraudulent and that the conclusion was unscientific was not seen or expressed in the media.

But what gets forgotten in those discussions is the Freedom of choice. Every human being has the right to choose his own therapeutic method. Everyone has the right to choose his own healing road. This is as basic a right as the freedom of speech and freedom of religion. It is a pity that the Freedom of healing is not expressed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It is the right to decide on ones own life. It s a right that cannot be taken away on political or scientific grounds. But unfortunately there is a tendency to force medical treatment onto people, for instance with vaccinations. It is strange that people can object to vaccinations on religious grounds, but more difficultly on personal convictions.

We have a long history of people trying to force others to adopt to their standards. Kings have converted whole nations. The catholic church had her Inquisition and burned thousands of people as witches because they were herbalist. And more recently anti-quack "scientist" say they know better for the people. But when you are forced, it doesn't matter much by whom, if it be religious leaders, politicians or scientists.

We know that our patients need homeopathy. And this is in itself enough reason to practice our healing science. Our patients have the right to choose homeopathic treatment if they see it as their way to health.

I wish you all pleasure in reading.

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