2011 June

Editorial: Homeopathy in places of need

by Deborah Collins

Last month, we highlighted some projects undertaken by homeopaths in remote areas of the world; places where there is very little healthcare available and often nothing at all for those who cannot pay. The living conditions are often inconceivable for many of us in western countries: extreme poverty, life threatening situations, extensive pollution, and illnesses that one would seldom encounter elsewhere. Likewise, homeopaths themselves often find themselves in dangerous situations, stretched to their limits, with no possibility of a backup from a nearby hospital, in emergency situation. This month we continue on this theme, with accounts not only from impoverished countries, but also from disaster zones, like Fukushima after the earthquake and tsunami.

Thankfully, homeopaths tend to rally around to help those who have been severely traumatised, for instance in Christchurch, in Australia after the floods, in Haiti with the cholera epidemic, etc. The following accounts illustrate how homeopaths, while been stretched by their experiences, have also been enriched, often relying on resources over and beyond their knowledge of remedies.

In Nepal, a clinic initially set up by Tinus Smits and Ortrud Lindeman in 1995 is now well-established and has also become a training institute. Today, it is run by Nepalese homeopaths and supported by European colleagues who freely share their time and experience, taking one month turns treating and teaching. Accounts from Dutch homeopaths, Resie Moonen and Huib Wijtenberg, illustrate the conditions under which they practice and what it means to them personally. More can be read about this project at: www.homeopathynepal.com

Torako Yui from Japan, known for introducing homeopathy to her country, has jumped in the fray after the disaster of Fukushima’s nuclear power plant. Oblivious to the danger of radiation, she has gone directly to the area to help not only the people but the land itself.

Joanne Gundry from New Zealand gives a vivid description of her trip to the outback of Indonesia; a small group of islands, where people seldom receive medical care. Armed with faith and courage more than with homeopathic experience, she was still able to help hundreds, showing how a thorough knowledge of the basics of homeopathy can work seeming wonders in cases of need.

Again, we hope you will be inspired by this issue.

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Thank you so much to all the contributing Homeopaths and Interhomeopathy for this very moving issue.