June 2016

Editorial: a road map through the forest

by Urvi Chauhan

In this issue, we continue to present cases from the nooks and corners of India from the promising buds of the homeopathic science; these are the zealous shoots dedicated to keep the flame of our holistic science alive, each in their own individual ways.

When you enter a forest, having a road map is immensely helpful for arriving at one’s destination with precision and clarity and with a minimal chance of getting lost in the wild. This is what the case witnessing process (CWP), designed by Dinesh Chauhan, offers a homeopath striving to arrive at the core of their patients; it is exciting to witness a similimum coming dancing alive or a patient experiencing healing at the end of the case taking itself.

Here, we will witness the case witnessing process at work in all the cases presented, including one from Dinesh Chauhan’s clinic. It is fulfilling to witness the individuality of each homeopath and how they have subtly absorbed the concepts and made them their own. After all, the flavor of Individualization is what makes homeopathy a unique science!

So, fasten your seat belts and get ready to travel the journey from manifested symptoms to the vital core in each case, coming from all over India: from head of India, cases by Yogesh Malhotra and Harpreet Singh from Ludhiana; the heart of India, cases from Dinesh Chauhan, Sayali Butala, Riddhi Joshi and Zinkal Tilva from Mumbai, and finally, arriving at the tail of India, a case from Rangarajan Sadashivan from Karnataka.

May you enjoy this voyage!

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