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Diospyros kaki: Surviving Radiation

by Marijke Creveld
On August 9, 1945 the plutonium bomb was dropped on Nagasaki. This meant an end to the Second World War. The city was largely utterly destroyed and a high percentage of its population was killed. Close to the epicentre a tree survived: the Kaki tree (Diospyros kaki). It was able to withstand the inferno, the radiation and the fire. Its ability to survive makes this Kaki tree the World Tree.
In the aftermath of the explosion, death reigned all around the tree. Survivors were subject to horrible diseases on account of the radiation -- cancer, including leukaemia, swollen scar tissue, internal haemorrhages, loss of hair and hereditary aberrations.

The remedies
In 2000, two homeopathic remedies were developed from the Nagasaki Kaki tree, viz., Diospyros kaki Creveld and Radix Diospyros kaki Creveld. In the meanwhile I have gained a lot of positive experience using these remedies in my own practice. Many others have benefited from them as well.

Themes of the remedies
In case of several themes the remedies can be helpful, which has been shown in provings and through symbolism. The major themes are: war, death, fire, changes in DNA, waste excretion and white-and-black. The proving and symbolism of Diospyros kaki Creveld have been described in a paper (Creveld 2001) as well as in my book (Creveld 2001-2008) on Kaki.
The remedies have been prescribed with positive results in case of patients suffering severe physical and mental complaints due to posttraumatic stress syndrome (PTSS) on account of war (first and second generation), imprisonment with collateral torture, rape, incest and other trauma (Creveld 2008). People suffering of complaints following a fire react well to this remedy as well. This holds true for both treatment soon after the event (e.g., following the Volendam fire in 2001) and many years after it (Creveld 2003 and Creveld 2001-2008).

Over recent years, radiation is substantially on the increase. After 1986 radiation has emanated from Chernobyl and moreover the sun is recently in a period of a high count of sunspots which is linked to higher radioactivity received on Earth. The number of wireless and television broadcasting masts and those for mobile and dect-phones, wireless internet, and other sources of electro-magnetic radiation has risen exponentially over the last few years.
The remedies produced from the Nagasaki Kaki tree help treat complaints caused by radiation. In particular, homeopathy remedies have been prescribed much in case of complaints caused by radioactivity, including radiotherapy and radiation due to the causes mentioned above, and overhead power cables.

In recent years, many sensitive people have suffered complaints on account of radiation. Some of them can hear it, others feel it. They show symptoms such as extreme fatigue, sleeplessness, headache, vertigo, and nausea, overload of their immune system, allergies, intestine distempers and tight chest. Following ingestion of Diospyros I always see an improvement. In some cases it is rapid; in others more time is needed. Sleeping nearly always improves much; after that, the system has to recuperate, allowing the other complaints to be reduced as well.

Prescription in case of radiation
I always start by giving these sensitive people Radix Diospyros kaki Creveld in combination with Silicea. I prescribe Radix 30K and indicate that it is to be taken every two days along with Silicea, preferably in the guise of white clay (Argiletz); it’s also possible to combine with Silicea D6). After that, I propose to regularly repeat to take Diospyros Kaki Creveld 30K and Radix 30K in turns, initially once every two days and later on, twice every week. After some months I often add the 200K of both these remedies to be taken in turns.
However, in many cases the potency of 30K is too strong for them. Therefore, starting July 1, 2008, a 12K potency will be available. It is a good idea for these sensitive people to start using the 12K potency instead of the 30K, and to raise the potency to 30K or even more, later on. Do not dissolve these remedies in water.

Radiotherapy and chemotherapy
Diospyros Kaki has been prescribed to be taken during as well as following radiotherapy and chemotherapy. I have treated several patients who suffered from complaints, even six to seven years after these treatments. Using the remedies has a positive affect in all cases. The patients were significantly less subject to the side effects of the therapies they underwent. They suffered less fatigue, less feeling generally unwell, less hair loss and less skin complaints following radiation. Another striking effect was that they felt better mentally. Anxiety complaints soon vanished, their balance improved and they felt more at ease. Cases are known in which the tumour and/ or the metastases were reduced in size sooner than expected and/ or disappeared. Metastases can disappear (breast cancer followed by metastases (e-mail from MD, 2004)). In some cases traditional physicians are surprised by how rapidly the cancer spots decrease in size. Ulrich Welte writes that Diospyros affects the ‘cancer myth’ (e-mail 2007).
A child suffering leukaemia underwent chemotherapy for eight months. He used the Kaki remedy during his therapy and was able to eat and go about his way. Hair loss occurred only after seven and a half months of chemotherapy. One year after the end of therapy the child is still doing well (e-mail from therapist, 2002).
Patients who suffer severe trauma (PTSS) alongside cancer or radiotherapy and/ or chemotherapy show an even more direct reaction to the remedies produced from the Kaki tree.

Case studies related to radiotherapy and chemotherapy
In my book on Diospyros kaki (Creveld 2001 – 2008) I have given two case studies pertaining to the period during and after radiotherapy and chemotherapy. One of these case studies is presented here.

A woman was diagnosed with ovary cyst 40 years ago, and with breast cancer 8 years ago. She had breast sparing surgery. One year after she was diagnosed with metastases on both sides. She underwent radiotherapy for six weeks, after which mastectomy on both sides followed, including removal of the armpit metastases. All this was followed by experimental chemotherapy lasting several months.
Seven years after her surgery, radiation and chemotherapy she still feels very tired. She does not sleep well, looks yellow and still carries an odour of the chemotherapy/ of cancer. Her hair is thin, she cannot hear high pitched sounds and her feet feel dulled. She often has vertigo because of damage to her balance organs. For years she has refused to wear white sox, because she had to wear these going into the surgery room (note the Kaki white-and-black theme) She is very empathic to others and does not allow herself due rest. She visits the sick and finds there is always so much to do for other people.

She was born during the war in a house next to a railway line. The pram she was in was hit by German fire and in between the volleys she was rescued from it. Her parents were sheltering Jewish people in their home (which was strictly illegal, of course).

Prescription: six doses of Diospyros kaki Creveld 10M, once every week. In view of my present knowledge I would prescribe Radix Diospyros kaki Creveld 12 or 30K to be taken once every two days, for six weeks.

Follow up: Six weeks later her yellow skin colour is much reduced. She has more energy, able to take things with a grain of salt and gets rid of tasks. She feels less anxious and is sleeping far better. Her deafness and vertigo are unchanged.
Prescription: Thirty doses of Diospyros kaki Creveld 30K to be taken once every two days

Follow up: Four months later, the yellow colour and odour have disappeared. She shows much more energy. Sleeping has improved much. Her anxiety is very much reduced. She undertakes activities along with her husband.
Prescription: twelve doses of Diospyros MK, once every month. Seven months later she has improved even more. Others regularly tell her how well she is looking lately. Two years after this, she is still doing well. Vertigo and deafness remain unchanged.

Prescription in case of radiotherapy and chemotherapy
People who see me for treatment of the effects during, and following, radiotherapy and chemotherapy are usually prescribed Diospyros kaki Creveld in a potency of 30K. During the therapy I prescribe taking a grain every day or every two days. After some time I will prescribe the 200K potency which is to be taken alongside the 30K, in turns. Following the end of therapy I usually prescribe 1 grain to be taken every other day, which is diminished after some time.

In case of a patient who has suffered trauma as well, or who is sensitive, or who suffers of a thyroid condition, I always start with Radix Diospyros kaki Creveld (one granule) which I prescribe in a potency that depends on the vitality and sensitivity of the patient. The Radix remedies are to be taken along with Silicea, preferably as white clay (Argiletz). It can also be taken along with Silicea D6/ 12 (if possible Silicea terra). After a few days I propose to take Diospyros kaki Creveld as described above.

Here as well, I suggest that sensitive people start by taking the 12K potency which is available from July 1, 2008. Do not dilute either remedy with water.

Case study connected to Chernobyl and radioactivity:
Late in 2004 a woman from Germany came to see me over strange complaints she suffered following the Chernobyl disaster in 1986:

This woman told me she was working in her garden when she suddenly noticed her face being all bloody. Blood was coming from the region of her heart. There were deep holes in her face as well the region of her heart. Her hands and feet showed large blisters. She said, ‘like Jesus on the cross’. Within ten days she had gained ten kilograms in weight and her thyroid was swollen. She felt changed up to her deepest core. She said she was living like a Geiger counter; she was able to tell if food was good for her, or not. If it wasn’t good and she still ate it, she had blisters in her mouth. She was able to wear black clothes only (white-and-black theme).
In 2004 her complaints were: much scar tissue, in her face in particular. Blisters on her feet – those on her hands had gone away. Anaemia and a low iron count in the blood that physicians are unable to explain. She sleeps little. She is prone to infections, such as those of the adenoids, and she often has colds and nosebleeds (on the left side). She has little energy. She is unable to transform her emotions any more. She absorbs things happening around her to too large an extent. Astrologically, she has many aspects of Pluto. ‘I make unnecessary sacrifices. I have been nailed to the cross. In Tibet, a Lama told me I exist to work with the suffering in the world. I make myself the lamb of the world. I have to fight for everything and have known much struggle and crises.’
Prescription: Diospyros kaki Creveld 30K (one dose); after one month 200K (one dose) and again, after one month 200K (one dose). (Currently, I would start by prescribing Radix Diospyros kaki Creveld, followed by Diospyros kaki Creveld.)

Follow up: Three months later, i.e. one month after taking the last dose of 200K. Things are going well. First ingestion coincided with the Boxing Day, 2004, Tsunami. “I woke up, it felt like Chernobyl but this time I did not feel overwhelmed. I felt unaffected, which was a great surprise to me. I have regained my sensitivity and feel more earthed, I am coming home.”
She has not been ill for three months. Over the last few years she always had a cold, she had to cough and suffered of tonsillitis. Now, all the others were ill while she was not. Evidence of whooping-cough was found in her blood but she did not cough. Physicians wanted her to take antibiotics which she refused without making an argument over it. She is surprised that her physique has improved so rapidly. She cleared out the garden and her basement, things she was previously unable to do because of her fatigue. She has ended her friendship and feels like new connexions. She has many new ideas. She used to be blocked. She said, ‘Now I have less empathy with others, I don’t lose myself anymore.’

Her skin is better. All wounds have been healed for some time; over the first two months she has not had any infections, but now she has a few. The blisters under her feet have gone. They went away immediately after taking the remedy and have not returned.
Her crises are different now. She does not approach others with her need for help because she knows she can handle it on her own. She is still not sleeping much, but quality of sleep is better. Her blood and iron content have improved. She has had few nosebleeds.
Prescription: Diospyros kaki Creveld 10M 3doses (once every month).

After some month she rang me. Things are again much better. Her skin has improved much.

Depleted uranium
One application in which Diospyros kaki could be very useful is treating complaints following contamination with depleted uranium. Soldiers in conflict areas run a high contact risk, e.g. when handling bullets containing depleted uranium. In my practice, I have not yet treated anyone suffering complaints due to this cause.

Plants and radiation
During 2007 tests have been done using plants – chestnut trees suffering bleeding disease and a banana. The underlying theory was that the plants and trees are subject to radiation which undermines their stamina.

The banana plant test: A banana plant is in a room holding a dect-telephone and close to a tower holding masts for wireless telephone communication. Prior to the test the banana looked bad. The old leaves were brown but the young leaves soon turned brown, too and shriveled. After giving water containing some Diospyros kaki Creveld 200K dissolved in it, within some weeks the plant developed beautiful, healthy leaves that stayed well.

Many diseases are afflicting a variety of trees recently. The chestnut, for example, suffers bleeding disease and fungi. A test was done using afflicted chestnut trees (with bleeding disease) nearby communication masts. Following treatment with Diospyros kaki Creveld 200K they were soon unaffected by the radiation (measured with a Lech antenna). Regrettably the bleeding disease did not immediately improve (e-mail from H. Tuitert, 2007).

kaki fruit

In an independent test using some afflicted chestnut trees, the trees were found to develop recuperating phloem strips below the strips of exfoliating bark when they were given Diospyros. Their vitality also improved in a general sense. We need to continue monitoring them in 2008 to ascertain developments in connexion with bleeding disease and other afflictions
It is my hypothesis that Diospyros kaki helps to solve the problems related to radiation that cause the trees to lose their vitality. However, the infections will probably have to be fought using other means – which certainly merits a scientific investigation.

Prescription for trees
Put a single grain of Diospyros kaki Creveld 200K in a clean three pint bottle filled with clean water. By this I mean water that has been boiled and allowed to cool; or mineral water; or filtered water. Dissolve the grain and shake well. Give the tree three pints of this solution every two weeks for six months and after that, once every month. Pour the solution around the tree, splashing it against the base of the tree and its immediate vicinity to enable the roots to ingest the water containing the kaki remedy.

Animals and radiation
During the winter of 2006/ 2007, bees all over the world were suffering of a disease named Colony Collapse Disorder. Many bees failed to return to their hives. In Germany, a research working group of Landau University studied this disease and they investigated the possibility of radiation-induced effects. Their study has shown that bees are hampered by mobile phones. They don’t grow well and their ability to find the way back to the hive is impeded.
In case of several bird species it was noted that they lose their way during migration, probably due to changes in the earth’s electromagnetic field on account of wireless communication masts. Birds depend on the earth’s magnetic field for following their proper migration routes.
At Lund University, Sweden, Rats were subject to long-term exposure to mobile phone radiation. After fifty days the shape of their brain was changed and their brains showed many tumours. Animals afflicted by radiation will benefit from the Kaki remedy as well.

Creveld, M. 2001. Diospyros kaki, de Wereldboom; droomproving o.l.v. M. Creveld. Dynamis 2001: 25 (This appeared in English in LINKS 3/02).
Creveld, M.; 2001-2008. Diospyros kaki Creveld, helpt ons te overleven bij veel trauma’s van deze tijd: Radioactiviteit, Elektromagnetische Straling, Oorlog, Rampen, Vuur. 185 (Dutch and English edition).
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Information are available from: Marijke Creveld Ph.D.. Tel. + 31 384542687 or
m.creveld@planet.nl; www.diospyroskaki.nl

The homeopathic remedies Diospyros kaki Creveld and Radix Diospyros kaki Creveld can be ordered by chemists from: -Heel Belgium (Homeoden). Phone +32 92659565 (Gent) or info@heel.be in the K-potencies: 12, 30, 200, M, 10M, 50M

The book ‘Diospyros kaki Creveld’ including the complete proving, ten case studies and additions for the repertory can be obtained by contacting Rene Otters: Phone +31 402521311 or rcotter@wxs.nl

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Desperately I am searching the following medicines
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You can buy Diospyros kaki Creveld at the
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to buy Diospyros kaki creveld:
Hahnemann apotheek
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fax: +31 (0)72 5325 375

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Ik ben een scio therapeut en wil nu voor mijn schoonzus de diospyros kaki creveld voorschrijven. De middelen heb ik inmiddels in huis in potentie 12K en 30K. Ze heeft aan beide kanten borstkanker, ze is geopereerd en heeft twee borstbesparende operaties ondergaan. Nu ondergaat ze een heftige chemokuur. begin ik dan met de 12K om de twee dagen in te nemen?

Alvast bedankt!

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om shanti-
I am a practitioner and mama in NYC and wondered if you knew where I could buy Diospyros kaki Creveld and Radix Diospyros kaki Creveld. Wishing you peace and love. Many thanks

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Chronic disease
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I am a homeopath of Bangladesh. Can I use the diospyros kaki in all sors of chronic disease.
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