Hopeful ways out of the heavy energy trap – remedies to follow the Actinides

The author has found that Actinide patients need to complete a process. When they have overcome the heavy energy of the seventh row with its themes of catastrophe, breakup, and death, they can often be treated at a different level with lighter remedies. In Deborah Collins‘ cases, the treatment with Actinides is followed by remedies from the first row of the periodic table and the maternal remedies. The author describes this as an ongoing process whereby the patient needs to be kept under continuous observation.

Key concepts: abuse, Actinides, age, Amniotic fluid, bone, child, death, decay, depression, joint, miscarriage, maternal remedy, Natrium muriaticum, next remedy, Placenta, Plutonium muriaticum, tension, Umbilical cord, Uranium bromatum, Vernix caseosa

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