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Cobaltum nitricum_A case of

by Wendy Hewland
FIRST VISIT 2002-June-26
He forgot our appointment, was late and takes 40 minutes to fill out forgotten intake form.

Q: Reason for visit?
Work work work! - not enough planning toward family. I’m angry most of the time, I have a short fuse. Ringing in both ears, eye sight fuzzy at close range, pain in right knee, right wrist, right shoulder, right big toe and trouble concentrating.

Q: Angry a lot of the time?
A: People who don’t remember things.... how I want them done. My wife will give me instructions and kids get the plugged in the fastest with, kids don’t do stuff the way I want. My wife says that’s the problem with me, that makes me angry. I let her vent and dismiss it really. Lately we agree on disagreeing.
I am consultant, expert witness and building contractor in buildings to real estate companies, apartment owners and attorneys. I have been doing building my own all my life.
I was an only child, mom divorced dad. We lived in Germany and Paris, then I learned all languages. She’s a retired architect, dad was the same. I’m going to visit him, he’s 85. Seeing Belgrade after it was bombed. I remember wailing at the bombing, F-16’s left the base they bombed. I was in security police, I dreamed to be a spy - undercover in Germany, I passed the test, but I had an accident with a military vehicle that I was goofing with so I was let go, discharged.
I wanted to leave anyway. Dad used very vulgar language, (Yugoslav’s do), Dad wasn’t loyal - a womanizer, didn’t spend time with his kids, sort of like I do. I show up and make dinner and put them to bed and that’s it. What I recall is my mom doing everything.

Q: Dreams? -
One poignant, one bizarre; A hill and being chased by a ball or being, faster and faster and turning downhill. I would be running 15-20 feet each stride, unable to stop. I would wake up abruptly.
When I get angry I use bad words; shit/ pissed off/ fuck to my daughter and wife, fuck to my wife. Drug problem 1974-84. I used speed a lot, when with my my first wife and I dealt it, she controlled and we divorced.
Second wife and I met working out and personal workshop, we married 3 years later. Our relationship went from love and very close to a busy working life, internally for me practice Tao.
We have no sex - she’s allergic to every contraceptive, but we believe that sex just for pleasure is not good, it should be for procreation. I wanted a 3rd child, but her labors with both were so extensive, she doesn’t want to go through that again, so I masturbate.
I have to have a snack at 11:30pm, stay until 1 am, my quiet time is important. Trouble concentrating, poor memory, she asks too much. Her wants are insignificant, I say yes to her, but I don’t do it. She’s a controller and a part business owner with me, so things stay unresolved. No answers or if there is no response, they sit as a burden down the road.

Q: Is there love between you?
A: Our love is different now, grounded in trust. The passion and zest has realigned on occasion, when we express fears, desires, conversations, don’t like lengthy conversations with trivial side issues. I forget everything she says, then I’ll be abrupt and leave. She will talk my ear off, the other side of it is she can really do well promoting the business. Talk on the phone well to get them interested. But a sophisticated listener would know that’s not deep enough, she got defensive when I got angry about it, there’s a lot of deep legal issues now she can’t handle, we constantly fight. I feel my business is more important. I wish she’d support me instead of teaching a First Aid class for $18-20 or volunteering at school. She doesn’t respect my position.
We both raise our voices in front of the kids. Screaming matches, then I feel like a turd. Then the kids get it, then I apologize, but I’m quick off the handle. I am a monster screaming around hitting tables, I don’t feel very proud of it. Then I blast away some more. I’m so busy, but fear that it will all dry up.
I was in business, I got fired from a city job for speaking out against injustice. As a city inspector I had to give eviction tickets - I couldn’t do it, it was like working in fire pit. I want to start teaching this and start a business called Building Doctor, recommendations for repair etc. I want to do digital inspections on CD, it’s great for prosecuting, I legalize illegal units, I deal with all these city violations.

I thought this has to be a MINERAL with him being in the security police in past. Architect by trade and the dealing with building violations clue, took me to Cobalt and Nitricum for the explosive temper...so;

Rx - COBALTUM NITRICUM 1M one dose once,
then COBALTUM NITRICUM 200C once 7 days later,

Follow up 2002-July-8
Reported by his wife, he took the remedy and his tinnitus stopped. Then started again at different frequency. He’s jazzed, he’s been off emotionally, but different.

Follow up 2002-July-15
Not freaking out, even with deadlines, Not getting into it with wife so much, but one more episode with inaccurate accounting, some pains in shoulder and back, less in his knee.

Rx - COBALTUM NITRICUM 1M daily (because drinking so much coffee)

Follow up 2002-Aug-19
Vision worse, - OK with new glasses, noises worse in ears. Visited Yugoslavia, seeing it bombed by my tax dollars was hard.
Rx - COBALTUM NITRICUM 10M once, call in 10 days

Follow up 2003-April
Repeated Cobaltum Nitricum 1M and 10M occasionally ...

Now Given up coffee. Tinnitus 90% gone. Temperament loving and no screaming at family. Not panicking with deadlines, handling business better, all headaches and shoulder pains treated with Cobaltum 30C works immediately.

Note: I treat his wife with Platinum and she is now less controlling.
Their kids: daughter Hyos. and son is Tub.Bov.Kent

Wendy Hewland
email: wendycures@sbcglobal.net

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