2008 February

Chromicum acidum case

by Patricia Leroux

Four-year-old Léa comes to me with a sore throat and a high fever which she had started the night before. An examination shows, to my surprise, that her throat is completely white. Her pain is sharp, but not continuous. She is clearly unwell and has vomited up her breakfast. A "strepto test" indicates lack of streptococcus in her throat. (It should be noted that this test is not 100 % reliable).
I prescribe MERCURIUS CYANATUS (9CH) hourly for a day. Next morning, as she is no better, I see her again. She has had a disturbed night, woken at 3 o'clock by unbearable pain. Eventually she got back to sleep about 6 o'clock, as the pains were not constant, coming and going. I notice her breath smells sour and this occurs especially when she eats, according to her mother. All these symptoms point to CHROMIC ACID, which I prescribe in 9CH doses four times a day, plus a course of antibiotics to start 24 hours later if there is no improvement.

The throat clears up within the day.

Swallow, constant disposition to: mucous, from thick. {3> 2> 0} (Boericke O.)
Periodicity. {51> 64> 0} (Boericke O.)

Patricia Le Roux

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