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Calcium nitricum - short case

by Johann Josef Kleber
Calcium nitricum - short case:

History First visit Aug. 2005:
A lady in her forties working as a secretary in an office came August of 2005 because of chronic fatigue and excessive perspiration.

Disturbances in Chronic Fatigue syndrome

Short story:
She is very scrupulous about her work. She is always doubting whether she is it doing correctly and she is working overtime so she can afford an acceptable apartment and a car. In the last years she was working too much for her husband and family. Since her divorce 3 years ago she cares for her 2 teen children and all the work and sorrows about family and money take her energy.
Excessive perspiration (odorless) under axilla, especially on excitement; exhausted from work and sorrow; feeling tired, hanging eyelids, bearing down when standing. I gave her Sepia C 200 and perspiration and exhaustion got better; she seldom gives a call and Sepia LM6 or C200 helped more or less.

Retaking case history 2008:
June 2008 she is complaining of severe exhaustion on the phone; I advised to try Sepia C200 first. There was not any reaction to Sepia, so we decided to take the case newly on 21.06.2008; meanwhile I studied more on Sankaran books and we try this method.

The case is written rather condensed. Uninteresting parts and many recurrences are eliminated; literally translated parts are in "... " ; [HG] means hand gesture; comments are written cursive; some important words are written also (in Deutsch).

Case history 21.06.2008:
She is very much exhausted; morning going to work she is already nervous and bears the breaks in mind. She has the sensation she can not take a good breath, not inspire. She feels overstressed;

D: Explain not good breathing.

P: "On sitting all is tense; sensation like laced up (zugeschnürt) [HG]; ... takes all energy of life, makes me incapable. Then deficiency of air, takes all the energy, is totally tensed, laced up. Pressure develops (Druck baut s auf), coming from inside and from outside. Inside is the tension from outside comes pressure.It is a matter of survival. Nervous tension is that much, that I don't know how my body can enforce space (wie s m Körper Raum verschafft)." [HG]

P: "Need human contacts, need communication; if talking and air is taken away, I feel very bad; then I shrink (da geh ich ein)."
D: Explain air.
P: "I am often lacking air. In my home I have air; ... air to be alive is taken away; as like not allowed to breath." If she gets out of the office of her boss "I get bigger again. Inside (in office inside the room of her boss) I am very small, insignificant, totally tensed, tensed as the pressure from outside, sensation as if looked at, the presence of an other person (her boss) makes pressure. Sensation as if looked at; pressure makes me smaller, increasing less respiration [HG]." If she feels observed; " I want to be invisible [HG], then I could make everything, pressure could ooze; invisible feels good; do what one wants to do. Then I can live like a human being, not so decided from outside."
P: "Sensation I did not work enough, working too slowly, have not done enough, this makes pressure again. Pressure is sometimes hard to bear; internal tension, pressure to perform [HG]. Fear tearing the body, body has no space, wants to get out [HG]; the tension wants out [HG]." Now tension, pressure and the wish to get out several times with different words and many HG.

P: "I was confined in my parents house and during business training; constricted if others force me. If I am inferior, there comes rage or resignation. In resignation I want to withdraw, withdrawing is best alone in my room (at her home)."
D: Explain exhausted.

P: "Over-strained, can not afford my work anymore. I want to withdraw, want do what I want, than I want to go home."
D: Explain home.
P: "At home I feel secure (geborgen). I like to be at home, I feel like human being, I feel free."

Follow up:
First remedy Limenitis bredovii (a butterfly) in June; 10.07.2008 no reaction at all.
After working over the case again 12.07.2008 Calcium nitricum.
After taking the remedy the very first day she was happier, more relaxed; every day more power, less fatigue.
Until 17.02.2009 she needs every 3-6 weeks Calc-n in the beginning C 200, then after 3 repetitions C 1000. In the beginning she felt less guilt and could recognize improper demands. Now she can better confine herself from the requirement of work, of her demanding mother and from requests of her partner. Jan. 2009 she enjoys her work more and she starts to feel fulfillment in the work. If there is no time for recreation (retraining or meetings on weekends) she still gets exhausted; repetition Calc-n M is still working.
I am doubting whether I will need a higher potency in the future, or a mollusc.

On first consultation in 2005 I could see exhaustion from caring about her family and excessive labour. Appropriate to repertorization and keynotes I gave her Sepia LM6 and C200 with fairly good results for 2 years.
Second time, starting newly with Sankaran's sensation, I first got the idea for the animal-kingdom from the expression "a matter of survival" and the feeling of being inferior to other people, to be oppressed from them. I searched for a butterfly because I connected her sensation with a butterfly cocoon and the liberation of freedom in the open air. I gave her Limenitis bredovii C200 without knowing the remedy picture, but because of the air with her sensation. My mistake was that she doesn't talk about enemies; the "laced up and then deficiency of air. Pressure develops, coming from inside and from outside" all is in herself, it is her own structure.

Now I did a new analysis: she wants to get out of something narrow. Her own body wants to expand, she wants to be free and breath freely the air. That is Sankarans concept of second row - stages of birth. Now it was easy to see the tightness of Nitrogen and the air-hunger and liberation of Oxide NO3. After understanding that I recognized the idea of NO3 according to Scholten; she needs recreation-time, a nice home and a car to enjoy life after her work. If she cannot enjoy life she gets exhausted and breaks down.

Crystal Structure with NO3

Next step: what makes her constrained, gives her pressure? The problem comes when she was observed in her work. To be observed is stage 2 of the periodic system. Her work is routine, she works very conscientiously and done with feelings of guilt; that is the iron-series according to Scholten. Iron-series from the point of view of Sankaran is security; if she feels pressed she wants to go to her home, there she feels secure. Her work (the problem that fatigues her) is to secure her life, her work was not fulfilling (silver, gold or lanthani) when we started therapy.

Two concepts have a different look to the same thing; in some cases I can recognize the symptoms better with the concept of Scholten, in an other cases I can perceive better with the concepts of Sankaran. Unfortunately, many cases I can not catch either way and repertorization usually gives very superficial results.

Johann Josef Kleber

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Keywords: Calcium nitricum; chronic fatigue; excessive perspiration, Jan Scholten, Rajan Sankaran, Sepia, Limenitis bredovii


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