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Calcium fluoratum in abdominal migraines

by Alistair Dempster
Calcium fluoratum in abdominal migraines
Date 1995, February 20
Male 14 years old. Dark hair. Slim build. Pale complexion. Shy and retiring. Wanting to sit close to his mother.

Previous Medical History; operated on for undescended testes November 1991; mumps, measles, chickenpox.
Usual vaccinations - not Whooping Cough.
Mother - Migraines, IBS.
Father - Duodenal ulcers.
One older sister of 16. Previous Medical History, okay.
Mother is giving the history at this point. The boy appears to want to be somewhere else. Not talking when questioned, wants mother to answer. Difficult getting answers.

Presenting complaint. "Abdominal migraines" last 4 years.
He has attacks in spells every 2 months. It first started around the time his father began working away from home. (Mag carb)
Pains; right side of abdomen. Goes to stool more often with pain. Stools harder during abdominal pain. Pains build up then go away. The pain makes him lie down if very bad on his left side. he gets angry with the pain. Wants to be mainly on his own.

< after eating, < after sports, > passing stool.
<< pressure. Has to bring knees up. Bends double from the pain.
Temperature - neither hot nor cold.
(difficult to elicit general information and especially any mental generals - very withdrawn).
Desires - Chicken Kiev, Hot Dogs, Fish fingers, boiled eggs.
Averse - Slimy, messy food, milk.
Thirst - drinks lots of pop, coke, 7 Up, etc. Averse to water.

In spite of the pain being aggravated by pressure and the lack of clear mental symptoms, apart from being withdrawn, I choose;
Rx Coloc 200 1 daily for 7 days - to stop if response.

Follow Up: 1995, March 27
More energy, better colour. No abdominal pains as yet.
Had an episode of pain after the interview which caused him to vomit; he can do this if pain becomes bad. Felt better afterwards.
No further episodes after the remedy. A bit more open, not as withdrawn.
Rx Wait.

2nd Follow Up: 1995, May 22
He was okay until yesterday. Had abdominal pains and was given the remedy - Coloc 200 nitght and morning.
He woke at 5 am and was awake an hour. >> bending over, << pressure. Same building up of the pains. Has to lie still.

At this point I thought the Coloc. was only partially helping and he needed a different remedy.
I tried to determine some more mental symptoms.
His mother says he needs a lot of sympathy - apparently it ameliorates the pain a bit.
He plays with his hands a lot.
Sensitive about his appearance - sensitive to looking a mess. It was the worst thing to look a mess. His mates would make fun of him. Very sensitive about what others think about him. He tries to make his friends jealous by the way he looks.
He gets jealous of other's material things. Has to be the top dog all the time. Has to wear just the right clothes. Wants to be better than his friends.

Rx Coloc 200 if pains bad. Otherwise wait until remedy sent.

Choice of rubrics pointed to Calc Sulph. as both Calc.carb. and Sulphur covered most elements of the case. Asked mother to give me a call in 8 days.

Follow Up: 1995, may 30: Telecon with mother.
No abdominal pains as yet, but if they return badly give Coloc to palliate.
I asked his mother why her son wanted others to be jealous of him. He want them to be jealous of his image. He wanted to dye his hair blonde. Why? So he could be like that glamorous woman from "Baywatch". This woman symbolized what he wanted to be like. The sensitivity to what others thought of him combined with the need to appear glamorous put me off Calc Sulph and onto Calc Fluor. I sent Calc Fluor 200 split dose to be taken when it arrived, and to call me if there were any aggravations.

On a routine call up of patients not seen for over 4 months I called the mother to arrange an appointment.

Third Follow Up: 1995, October 16
The young boy was like a completely different person. No abdominal problems since taking the Calc Fluor. He had grown considerably as well. He did not look as pale - in fact more colour in the face. His appetite had improved and his diet had changed. He was no longer eating as much junk food and was gradually phasing this out. He had become a more relaxed person, no longer bothered about clothes, image etc. He was getting on with his life and not bothering about others in the way he had been before.
In fact his mother said this "It was like having a normal schoolboy around the house again".

Rx No further remedy. To phone if any return of symptoms.

Follow Up: 1997, March 25
No further contact needed with mother about the boy's symptoms.

The woman from “Baywatch” and her story of quick romance, short marriage and then divorce have many characteristics of a Fluor lifestyle - glamour, superficial relationships, sex, "fast living", "impulsive" decisions for superficial reasons e.g. married after a 4 day courtship.

Alistair Dempster
email: alistairdempster@btinternet.com

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Posts: 7
Reply #2 on : Wed April 01, 2009, 19:50:36
Hi Wyatt.
Summary is too abstract for me to assess accurately. Need at least two mental general symptoms and at least one good physical general. A good peculiar, or unique symptom, can also be helpful. What themes do you see and what modalities are present in particular and general symptoms?

Periodic approach may suggest a Noble gas and will be dependent on which series is applicable. Look at Stages 17 and 18. Possibly Carbon series.



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Reply #1 on : Sun February 01, 2009, 23:38:36
I have an Autistic Patient, non-verbal. Holds stools in until they must pass, hard and large, have to bust up with stick to flush. Associates masterbation with urination, ususal Autistic Symptoms, can understand oral instructions, but non verbal. Had been dx with mitochondral disease by MD Phd at Childrens hospital in Atlanta. Flaps arms and hands, verbal sounds, somtimes cries and holds head with both hand. Very sensitive hearing. Have tried Audiology treatment. Urinates as above, several times aclo day, ruining bed thes, and causing great strain on parents. Limited special ed education due to lack of qualified teachers. Parents do the best they can with a normal female child age 15, and an OCD ADHD 12 year old. Normal start of autism, after vacinnations, prior to age 2 1/2 he started talking and normal gait.
Have tried Dr Peter Chappell DeTox, and holistic Chiropractic. Is it to late to do anything about this child? Help?