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Book review: Whole Again by Christa Gebhardt and Jürgen Hansel

by Deborah Collins

The co-operation between Christa Gebhardt, journalist, and her husband Jürgen Hansel, homeopathic physician, has led to an extraordinary book. “Whole Again” is a collection of 13 case histories from various homeopaths, documenting life stories, illnesses, homeopathic treatment, and subsequent improvement in severe illnesses. The authors have travelled throughout Europe and to India in order to speak personally with the people involved, and they have succeeded in bringing across not only the life stories but also the surrounding atmosphere in such a way that one can readily relate to each person. The illnesses themselves, often severe pathologies, such as meningioma, auto-immune illness, or deep depression seem almost secondary; a natural manifestation at a physical level of the distress that is played out at a soul level. This is no dry summing up of facts, with tables of rubrics and remedies, but an encounter with real people whose individuality is of utmost importance. The remedy choice is clearly explained and convincing, as are the astounding  results, even in cases which would normally be considered incurable. As one would expect of a truly holistic approach, not only the physical amelioration is taken into account but also the person’s sense of inner freedom.

The authors make clear that not all homeopathic patients enjoy such spectacular results as those narrated in their book. A realistic view of homeopathic practice is given, with all the ups and downs, and the sometimes lengthy search for the simillimum. The concept of “spontaneous cure”, often cited by sceptics as the cause of improvement after homeopathic treatment, is laid to rest.

A wide variety of approaches is offered, with cases presented by well-known and respected homeopaths, such as Jan Scholten, Rajan Sankaran, Ulrich Welte, and Jayesh Shah. The choice of remedies, too, varies from the well-known Carbo animalis and Plumbum metallicum to the lesser known Neodymium Oxydatum and Chonchiolinum, or to the even totally unknown Scorzonera. This variety offers much to the new homeopath and to the experienced practitioner alike. The manner of case-receiving itself serves as a shining example of how the art and science of homeopathy can be practiced in depth, to the fulfilment of both patient and practitioner. The book is complete with a periodic table of the elements and a glossary for those who are unfamiliar with homeopathic terms. The simple and clear narrative style elicits such a sense of proximity that one could be forgiven to think oneself present during the case receiving; a silent but attentive witness. Whole Again is a book which practitioners, after having absorbed the content themselves, would want to put in their waiting rooms, or pass on to family, friends, and all those interested in discovering the depths of healing possible with homeopathy. Whole Again is, indeed, a beautiful work of love.

Whole Again by Christa Gebhardt and Jürgen Hansel
Narayana Publishers, 2008
224 pages, €18



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