2009 July

Bismuthum /5 more cases

by Ulrich Welte
continued from June 2009 -358- Bism and suicide / two cases

3. Bism-c: The father of a suicidal daughter.
He is the father of a problematic child. As a young women she is admitted to a psychiatric ward several times for depression and suicidal tendencies. He suffers from urinary retention and kidney stones and is considered to be a difficult patient. It is as if he is a prisoner of his own thoughts and he clings to fixed ideas in a forceful and awkward way. Out of a few bismuth salts given, he responds best to Bism-c 1000. His second colour choice is 24c, which is bism.

4. Bism-mur, Bism-sulph.: the husband kills himself.
The female patient became bulimic and suffered a serious swallowing disorder due to the narrowing of her oesophagus, after she found her dead husband in the garage. He gassed himself to death with the c02 fumes by directing the fumes into his car from the exhaust. It was his intension to do so in the garage because he thought she would be to the first to find him and that way he could for a final time punish her. He did unfortunately succeed with this intention. He often beat her. She was difficult to handle and she demanded a guarantee that her treatment would heal her else she would leave immediately. Bism-mur 1000 made her swallowing difficulties better after which she could eat normally for several months. She was also more able to deal with her dominant mother. This has to do with the muriaticum part of the salt. But this was not the problem. It really was about her husband who’s suicide had such a strong affect that she became ill. This part of the case was originally missed. Unfortunately the patient was angered by a minor psychological error and did not return. It was only later realized that she would have required bism-sulph. Her comments regarding this point were noted in the first consultation but were over-looked: I don’t want to marry again and I would rather live alone. I do not want a relationship to do this to me again. This is sulph not muriaticum.

5. Bism-mur: the aunt drowns herself; the mother is heavily depressed and suicidal.
The Psoriasis the patient suffers from is improved by bism-mur. She used to dream that having stones tied around her feet and then thrown into the water drowned her. She makes the connection between her dream and her aunt who drowned herself in the local pond. She suffered from bulimia as a youth until she became pregnant (muriaticum). The disorder ceased after she became pregnant. Even though she cannot manage her children she wants to have more. She clings (stage 15) to her role as a mother. (mur). When she spends time in the area of the town that she used to live in as a child she still is treated like the little girl she used to be. The remedy that followed was mag.mur. As a result her psoriasis disappears. This remedy had a deep effect on this insecure patient. Now she feels secure even in her role as a mother.

6. Bism-met: I am going to jump out of a window.
The patient was depressed even as a child. Due to learning difficulties she received Ritalin for a while which gave her a little bit more energy but it did not take away the depression. Instead she became more and more insecure. Aurum muriaticum was a remedy that seemed to help her the best but it was then revealed that at the age of 10 she confided with her mother that she often thinks of jumping out of the window with the intention of killing herself. She was then given bism-sub 200 and this helped a lot. She stops the suicidal tendencies and her mother ceases giving the Ritalin. After 3 months she received bism-met LM6 daily and this has had the effect of making her a lot more balanced. But as soon as she stops taking it she slides straight back into her old condition. Two years pass and she has not had a remedy for a long time. Her parents forgot or suppressed that phase and now she is back again with the same problem. She was given Bism –met 1000 and she has a temper tantrum. Usually she is quite passive and relaxed had a temper tantrum in her room and cried, after which her suicide thoughts were blown away. On the 4th day she was happy and could laugh. This is something she could never do before. She said finally something is really helping me. In the meantime she has done an apprenticeship and her suicide thoughts have not come back for years. Her colour preference has even as a child been 24c,yellow green.

7. Bism-sub nitricum : wants to take his life because he has immense pain.
This case is an example of the suicide themes of bism discussed in classical literature. A 24-year-old man has suffered from a severe facial neuralgia for the past 24 days. The pain was so intense that he has hardly slept for the last 3 weeks and has wanted to take his life on several occasions. He achieved slight improvement by forcing himself to walk and having cold water in his mouth. 90 minutes after he took Bism 30 his pain improved and subsided after an 11-hour sleep. After a small set back the following day another dose was given and he became healthy for good. Sadly the case was not fully worked up like so many of the old cases. The case was only prescribed on symptoms, but with success. Luckily Homeopathy has many ways to reach the goal.

Ulrich Welte

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