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Beryllium metallicum /woman with COPD

by Dr.Bharati Devkota and Dr.Rob Brik
In the month of April 1999 a female farmer of 52 years old came to visit our clinic in Bhaktapur. Since 3 years she had problems with her respiration. These problems obstructed her in her work on the fields, so it was very hard for her to make a living. She felt short of breath especially during sleep, the complaints waking her up>in knee-chest position, >bending forward, >in the sun and < in cold air, < in winter (in Bhaktapur winters are humid, around 0degr.C) < eating oily food. She was also troubled by a cough for more then 10 years, a dry cough < on exposure to dust and after eating sour food. Another problem of hers was the irregularity of her period, happening every 12-15 days, or once in 6 weeks. Since 3 years she had an oedema all over her body esp. on face, chest and abdomen, < from cold. There was no specific history of family or personal illness. She is chilly, has a desire for sweets, oily foods and an aversion for meat, fish, garlic and onion. By physical examination we find a lot of wheezing over both lungs, on all lung-fields.

Conclusion: A 52 years old women with a severe COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), which prevents her from doing her work well, so it is hard for her to earn enough money for her family.

She was married when she was 7 years old and had to move to her husband’s home. There she was neglected and abused by her husband and his family. Her husband loved another woman. When she was 12 years old he married this other woman. Then our patient left her husband’s house and came to stay at her mother’s place and worked at her mother’s farm. She tells now,she was too young to understand the situation then. Later, when she was older and understood what had happened, she felt forsaken. From being 12 years old she stayed with her mother, working on the farm. Six years ago her mother died. It felt for her as if her life ended too. Her brother doesn’t give her any support. She had had a relation with her husband only between the age of 7-12. Her husband has children only with the other wife. Asking her how she feels about this all, she responds with; ”What to do, there is no use in feeling unhappy. There is a lot to worry about, but I don’t”. So she has accepted her life and adapted herself to her situation. She is a shy, yielding person. She cannot remember having wept. During consultation though, she is swallowing as if tears are present. She likes company, but she has adapted herself to being alone. She looks very sad. She has fears for thunderstorms. Since the last 10 years she feels weak.

We gave her a dose of Berylium-metallicum 200K.

First follow up-after 8 weeks
She feels much better. Asthma-problems improved by 85% . Cough better in the morning and in the evening. Oedema much better, Energy much better, sleep and appetite were good. Menstruation of 7 days, normal.

Second follow up after 10 months
Much better, all of her problems improved by 90%, even during this winter there was only a slight relapse. She is able to work again to make herself a living. She feels very energetic. Also emotionally she feels much better.

Third follow up 1 ½ year
She has received Beryllium-metallicum every now and then. She is doing fine

Inspiration: Jan Scholten; Homeopathy and the Elements, Stichting Alonnissos
In this book, Jan Scholten writes about the Beryllium person as someone, that is insecure. They feel vulnerable, as if they are not allowed there place and space. They don’t dare to confront, to stand up for themselves, they are afraid to be stopped or punished. They rather withdraw. They are not able to live up to their own values. Their personality still has to develop. They are passive, yielding personalities.
We believe this description is very well fitted for this woman, especially in the situation of her youth.
The Scholten continues: They feel standing aside life, like standing at the sideline. Their life is without any colours, they live a withdrawn life.
This sounds as the life she lives, when she visits our clinic.

Dr.Rob Brik

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pawan kr singhania
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beryllium metalicum
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Who manufactures this remedy? Can you give me the sources?
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Remedy for ILD, COPD
Reply #1 on : Tue January 05, 2016, 08:54:18
Going through this story, I like to ask you my wife aged 61 yrs suffering from ILD, COPD since last so many years is under Allopthy treatment. Now she cannot live without oxygen and CO2 level also increases.
My quarry is can I give Beryllium Metalicum 1M or higher does while Allopathy treatments are going on? Please advice on my Email bkmb47@gmail.com
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