2007 August

Arnica + Natrium sulphuricum in CVA-case

by Dr. Pawan Pareek
A middle aged man suddenly fell from the roof of the 3rd floor while looking down.
Patient was unconscious as soon as he touched the ground.
Patient’s attendant felt that he received an injury to his head.

Past history of head injury 10 years ago.

Ambulance on to New Delhi:
Patient was immediately taken to New Delhi and admitted in a hospital.
After all possible treatments he switched to a semi-consciousness state.
Attending neurologist told the attendant that they had done what could be done and advised him to take him back home.
Neurologist explained the bad prognosis to the patient’s attendant.
Firstly, he was not hopeful that the man would survive.
Secondly, if he survives he would suffer from severe epileptic fits or would become insane.

Homeopathy in ICU:
Patient was still in a semi-conscious state and was kept in a hospital where he was kept on a drip.
Answers and stupor continuing frequently.
Head hot.
Face dull red swollen and puffy.
Coldness of nose.
Catheter introduced.
Coldness of feet and rest of the body.
Hemiplegia, left side of the body.

Investigation before treatment:
Right basal ganglionic hematoma with mass effect.
Lacunar infarct left basal ganglion.
Diffuse cerebral atrophy (age related).

ARNICA 200 sublingually single drop was administered.
Patient blinked or opened his eyes for few seconds.
Hotness of head and coldness of nose and body was not at all there.
Patient remained unconscious and in a comatose state.

Patient started responding:
ARNICA 1M single drop sublingually was administered.
Patients eye started blinking and he finally opened his eyes.
Patient could recognize everyone of his family, but with a vacant look.
Patient was alright to some extent and started walking and driving as he was the only earning member of the family.
Patient did not return to the clinic when he became unconscious once again, while he was on his bike.

Homeopathy can not treat …………… (Words of Neuro-physician)
Neuro-physician advised anti-epileptic drugs.
Minimum of 3 years of course advised.

Homeopathy challenged:
Patient started becoming unconscious for few seconds.
Started taking anti-epileptic drugs.
Unconsciousness continued.
Doses of epileptic drugs increased!
Frequency of faintness increased!

Patient tension increased:
Frequency of faintness continued even in front of customers.
Couldn’t concentrate on business.
AURA Absent.
EEG report within normal limit

Neuro-physician advised homeopathic medicine:
NATRUM SULPH 1M single dose fortnightly at bed time was prescribed.
Feeling of well being was there.
Feeling of faintness disappeared.
Started concentrating on business.
Same medicine continued fortnightly at bed time.

Bringing back to life:
Patient started doing his business comfortably.
No hematoma was there.
Patient started walking with the help of a stick.

Investigation after treatment:
Encephalomalacia in right basal ganglion with volume loss (due to old stroke) with right hemispheric atrophy.

Dr. Pawan Pareek,
Pareek Homeopathic Clinic,
Moti Katra, - Agra - (UP) INDIA

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Keywords: arnica, natrium sulphuricum


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homoeo Dr M Akram
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Reply #4 on : Thu July 16, 2015, 09:01:15
A very good and sincere effort.
raghavendra rao
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Reply #3 on : Mon June 01, 2015, 17:13:57
congrats.correct way of approach.
Sanjiv Arora
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Reply #2 on : Mon April 27, 2015, 04:42:28
I understand only Homeopathy can do wonders!!!!

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Reply #1 on : Mon January 21, 2013, 05:56:37
A very good cure.Only homoeopathy can do it.