2007 June

Argentum Phosphoricum/ Panic attacks

by Rita Walstra

Woman 29 years old, married with 1 son. She is a massage therapist, gives workshops and sings.

Mind: She delivered her son 1 year ago. "I was very scared of the delivery and it was terrible, I had to go to the hospital and got an infusion with oxitocin to start birth. I had the feeling of being tortured, I had absolutely no control, I freaked out, they had to inject me with sedatives.
The thought that I might be pregnant again puts my whole life upside down, I panic, might even hyperventilate. When I get it when I am on the road, I lose my way I am not there. I have to talk to myself to become calm again. Another delivery I will not survive. Last week I thought I was pregnant, that‘s why I have come to you. I really love my son, it is a beautiful gift."

"The very first time I had sex, I had the feeling I was raped."

"As a child I also had such out of body experiences (uittredingen). This stayed till I went to high school, it could happen when I hurt myself, when I fell down or something like that. When I was 3 years old they thought I had epilepsia, I would just fall on the ground. I got medicines for it for some time. It disappeared with a homeopathic remedy."

"I sing and perform, I can do that only on stage when I am dressed up, with my combo/band. It’s a show, an act. I have my own studio at home for recording. Performing is important to me, I would even do it for free. I stopped for a while and developed a rash. When I sang again, the rash disappeared."

Observation: She sighs a lot.
She tells: "I sigh a lot since about 2 weeks. I look like a secure person, but I am not I ‘m very insecure. I always wear black clothes, everything even my underwear, since I was 12.
I’m very critical of myself, everything has to be perfect. My performance, but also other things that I make. Very perfectionistic in everything.
Strong fear of failure, exams are a drama. I have to use sedatives. I know everything by heart long before and I repeat a lot. After an examination I am trembling. I can be very impulsive, and feel hurried, busy. I do yoga exercises to relax."

Fears: Small rooms (elevator, toilet), narrow roads, tunnels, spiders, dark when alone, being locked in, crowds.
"In a theater I want to sit next to the door. I also fear something will happen to my husband."

She is psychic, she knows who is on the phone. She knows many things in advance that are going to happen. She feels the souls of the dead, they tell her what they want from others (she is not happy with it).
Very sensitive, also in her massages. She was overworked two times, most probably because of the influences of others. Some things had to leave the house, there were evil spirits in them.

Abdomen: For 1 week, bloated, rumbling and a kind of ligament pain which she had during pregnancy.
"As if I am pregnant, nauseating, as if paralyzed."
"I feel protest, lots of thoughts in my head."

Worse: sitting or standing quiet, better being on the move.
Stomach: appetite is good, tries to eat a bad feeling away. Eats vegetarian food because of the suffering of animals.
Desires: chocolate (4), cheese (3), vegetables and fruit.
Dislikes: sour (3), butter (2), milk.
Drinks enough.

Stool: sometimes no stool for days (I know I hold back my feelings then) I take an enema.
Energy: good in the morning, bad in the afternoon unless I take a nap
Generalities: I cannot stand “tl” (tube luminescent) light, I might lose my way in a supermarket because of this."
Cold hands and feet, more chilly then warm.
Love open air always window open, > walking outside in the garden.
Sleep: very good, dreams: many and busy, things that are going to happen in the future or about the day before.
Female: regular menses and strong.

Remedy: Argentum-phosphoricum 200K

Follow up
Call after 1 week:
Dreamed a lot about deliveries, all the emotions of her delivery came by.
Feels strong now, more rest. Feels at home with herself.

After 6 weeks:
"All went well for about 5 weeks, then my husband lost his job, my father in law appeared to have cancer and they have moved to a new house. Now I cannot handle things anymore."

Repeat Arg-phos. 200K

After 3 months
"After the last remedy I had the feeling of being a (Oervrouw) primordial woman.
To live in a new life. Sometimes the panic comes for a few moments, but I can handle it. I feel the pain and panic of the delivery fading, I can enjoy my little son much more. I can give him more love, the pain of the delivery was between us.
I find it easier to take responsibility.
I started to love other colors, I wear a lot of blue, but also red and green.
A lot of trust in the future even though we have problems with my husband having no job, but it will be o.k. I can leave it alone and let my husband have his own responsibility."

Her son fell from the stairs and had to stay in the hospital for one night. She met the gynecologist and she thought, give me a delivery rather then my son being here.

Stomach: Drinks less coffee, and less desires chocolate.
Stool: Regular.
Groin: Big abscesses, a lot of pus coming out, has it for 10 years, now <
Energy: Good.
Generalities: Less cold.
Back: had some back pain for a while, "it’s an old complaint".

Therapy: wait.

After 10 months: telephone.
She is 13 weeks pregnant and it feels good. I trust it will be o.k., no fears.
Feels her womb several times a day and it is fine.
Husband has no job yet, but that will come.
She wears a red shirt now, has problems wearing black, loves to wear white.

Energy: A bit less since she is pregnant, sleeps a lot and well.
Stomach: Coffee lost it taste, stopt smoking as well.
Groins: Quiet now.
Dreams: Many and clairvoyant.

Therapy: wait.

After 1 year: telephone.
Had another delivery and all went well, a great experience. "I was there all the time."

After 2 years: telephone.
"The fears have come back, I feel nausea and tense, like when I came the first time, but less strong."

Remedy: Arg-phos 200K

After 3 years: telephone.
Had an other delivery a girl this time, all went well and very quick.
Has a mastitis now with the symptoms of Phytolacca, which helped her a lot.
A few days later I receive a card that she is doing fine again and enjoys the new life with her daughter.

Since then she is fine (almost 5 yrs now).


She is quite precise, a perfectionist, in telling things quite structural, so I thought of a mineral/metal.

This woman sings in a band (she has to, in order to feel happy). Singing and performing is Silverseries.
She has reached a certain level, near the top of what she wants. Stage 9-10-11. (they have their own studio, for recording).

I choose Argentum also because of the extraordinary fears, impulsiveness and feeling hurried, as we know them from Arg-nitricum

The Phosphorus part: she is very open, very sensitive, hears and feels things. She is clairvoyant, has contact with the dead.
Also studying is not her favorite, she feels a bit dumb. She started a training in natural health care, but could not finish it.
So I choose the Arg combined with Phosphorus.

Rita Walstra, Ede

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