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Angelica Archangelica, a story of

by Anne Wirtz
Case: Angelica Archangelica

Male, born 1951.
First consultation: March 1988.
Complaint: asthma.

As a child he suffered from it till he was thirteen years old. After an anti-allergy treatment he was free from it in this form. His mother died at the age of 54 in an asthma attack, also his sister suffered from it, but after she got married she out grew it. The problem now started after he moved into another house caused by the floor covering and the dust in the house. Ventolin spray ameliorates partially. Some months ago he came back from a long trip to India. He got anti-biotics. Then they started this anti-TBC treatment and he got an allergic reaction. (Heat in the upper half of his body with very red discoloration and diarrhoea). He was very worried about this and came to see me.

He is a medium height slim man with big eyes (not quite exophtalmic) and a bit anxious look. He talks fast, stumbling over his words and he has a quite strong French accent, coming from the south of Belgium. I have to listen very attentively to be able to follow the flow of his words. He has a deep smokey voice and has regular coughs during the interview. He stopped smoking one year ago. The asthma comes in attacks, always at night, he wakes up with a shortness of breath, is never anxious with it, has to sit up. This is about 4 to 5 AM. He doesn’t tolerate polluted areas. He is not chilly but prefers warmth. He has had many vaccinations as he traveled a lot as a mariner and later on his own. The last months he feels stitching pains in his chest, wandering. Sometimes, if left-sided the stitches extend through his left-arm. He is the youngest of two children. He says that his childhood was nice. He comes from a working-class family. His mother was sickly and this had quite an impact on the atmosphere at home. His father drank a lot and the relationship of the parents was not easygoing. As a young kid he had to take responsibility to decide what had to be done when his mother had an asthma attack, because his father was not at home. He worked in business for some time, now he is painting, self-trained out of necessity, in a project, which he calls ‘Exchanging Cultures from a spiritual view’. He is living alone now, (before he lived in a student house) and sees this as a way to overcome solitude. Relationships are a problem to him. It is impossible to establish a family, ‘I have nothing to give’, and is looking for another kind of development. His sexual desire is low. ‘I am looking for the mystical way’, and feels well with it. He has a strong sense of responsibility and is busy thinking how to find activities to help people to find their spiritual path. He sleeps flat on his abdomen with little cover in an unheated room. Food: Nothing special. He used to like wine but stopped drinking alcohol, likes to drink cold milk. He travels out of special interest not out of restlessness. He says that he has no problems to express his emotions, doesn’t look for consolation if sad. He has no fears.
I gave him Thuja 200K to start with because of the extensive vaccinations.

Follow-up after one month:
In the meantime he got the result of the x-ray made of his thorax, which was not good, there was a shadow and a kind of white ball to be seen on the photo. He himself thought that he had a lung cancer. They plan to operate him after the lung capacity test.
After the Thuja he was ill for three days with a heavy very productive cough with greenish discharge, which relieved him a lot. After three weeks a dry cough disturbed him from time to time. He is more sensitive to dust and odours, these make him sneeze for half an hour with nasal discharge. No eye problems. The dry coughs come esp. in the morning for about fifteen minutes or after talking. No other changes.
I repeated the Thuja 200K.

Two months after the first consultation he phoned me and told that the lung spots were vanishing on the x-ray and that he felt fine.

In June 1992 he came back with a persistent otitis started left then right and vice versa. I gave him Lachesis just on the clinical symptoms.
One week after Lachesis he was totally free of complaints.
He told me about his spiritual evolution. In 1991 he got a so called: ‘Post Integration’ treatment to get more in contact with his body. He was working on ‘a project with India’, which proved too extensive. He studied a lot and ‘was going deeper into his own culture’. He was living on unemployment payment for a long time, which is okay for him. He needs time to write his book on ‘The total aspect of tradition in relation to the Divine’, acting on the connection between tradition and religion. Since 1988 he is a member of the ‘Free Masons’. He is disappointed. ‘There is too much vanity at the loge, the spirituality is there to be awakened, but they don’t pick it up.’ He is busy to retranslate the Bible from Hebrew looking for deeper knowledge. This changed him, he stopped Tai-Chi ‘because it doesn’t fit our culture.’ ‘Kundalini is weird, too much of meditation is not good.’ In 1990 he went to Santiago de Compostella as a pilgrim. He is experiencing more and more inner vibrations and felt that he was ready to go into a higher form of communication, for example with an angel. He wants to be of significance to human community. He feels as if swimming in the Ocean, ‘quite a lonely situation.’ His life situation was difficult because of his homosexual interest. He wanted to sublimate his sexuality. He needed to be strict to himself. (This part of the picture fits the remedy that I will prescribe in January 1999).

In October 1997 the patient came back again because his asthma returned. He was pressed to take a job as an assistant-amenuensis at a large school. In his free time he is busy with spiritual things and at the Free Masons loge. He is frustrated because the ‘elder don’t want to change’. He has Tibetan contacts and got initiated by the Dalai Lama. He smokes a few cigars a day because of the stress. ‘My lungs are too weak, I have to stop’. He needs at least twice a day Ventolin, is worse in the evening and on waking. Yoga is a bit of help. He lives celibatair, with homosexual feelings. ‘European women are asking too much time and energy, they are too claiming.’ He prefers a monastery-life within the society. ‘I need rest for my spiritual things, things should be changed at the source. It is nice to help people but in another way. I am aware of my sexual longing but try to control it.' In Compostella he experienced a stream of energy like balsam, an inner shower, Grace. Now every evening during his Buddhistic meditation he experiences the same ecstasy with vibrations at his heart chakra.

In December 1997 he went to an international spiritual Congress in Thailand, ‘against the new God of the money’. The past year his regular colds worsened into asthma very easily. He then has to cough a lot and after about three weeks it lessens. He suffers from varices and a burning circulation in his calfs, with swollen legs. Walking or putting the legs up relieves. In his dreams he is in contact with the Dalai Lama.

I gave him Conium 200K.

He called after two weeks and told me that his lung capacity ameliorated quite fast.

In November 1998:
His allopathic medication is very much reduced, but he still needs it from time to time.
Legs? Sometimes he feels the stream and a kind of hardness. No more cramping or burning in his calf. Cough is nearly gone. Once or twice a week he takes an inhalation dose. He got emotional once he heard a small boy calling for his daddy. It hurt a lot because suddenly he realised that he never would have the experience to be a father. ‘People think that I hide behind abstract theories but I feel very much connected to the suffering in the world.’
I gave him Conium 1MK.

In January 1999:
Right after the remedy he had a lot of coughing and diarrhoea. It was like purification. He felt more emotional. Is busy at school. He took a friend, who had problems with his (3) wives and children, in his (small) house. He is a Rastaman and member of the Free Masons. ‘He helped me a lot at the lodge and I feel a bit responsible for him like a kind of father, financially too.’ ‘I want to help him to find his own track. My ideal is to help to educate young people to be spiritually strong and responsible in society. In my job I could do more and I want to be paid better.’ ‘The asthma is much better the last three weeks. In December I had some colds and a lot of coughing, with yellow discharges. My energy got much better since past year. I feel much older, closer to 50.’ ‘I discovered a bald spot at the backside of my head.” (observation: It is a perfectly round alopecia spot right occiput. 5,5cm Diameter.) Sleeps well, no coughing at night.
I felt that Conium was not the totally correct remedy although quite close.
I restudied the case and what struck me more than before was his monk-attitude.
This happened to be one of the essential points of our dreamproving (‘homeopathen Gilde’) on Angelica archangelica, one of the Umbelliferae family, like Conium.
So I gave him Angelica archangelica. 200K.

Angelica archangelica

Follow-up after one month:
‘The remedy works very well. Breathing is better, easier. The working of the remedy is different than before, softer and more agreeable. The bald spot is almost gone, soon after taking the remedy the hair started to grow again.’

June 1999:
Till the end of April everything went fine, then he got a cold with allergy. The Ventolin caused tachycardia. In June he is still coughing from time to time. In the morning he is short of breath, as soon as he gets out of bed, his legs swell a bit during the day, especially the left side. From about noon he feels tingling in both his legs. ‘At the end of April I was attacked by a high-ranked person. I think he has bad intentions regarding the Loge. It makes me ill. He knows that I see what he is trying to do and he says that the Brotherhood is being injured by people like me.’
I repeated the Angelica archangelica 200K.

One week later:
he called me twice to thank me for the remedy with the message that it helped him at all levels.

July 1999:
After the remedy the asthma disappeared rapidly. He could walk the stairs right away. Now there is only some coughing in the morning with little discharge. Concerning his writing: ‘Everything gets more clear. The understanding of the essence regarding the healing of tradition and communication with the spiritual stream, which has been disrupted centuries ago.’ He is busy now to write a book, concerning: ‘Exercises and rituals, a kind of Hebrew mantras’ and he is translating codes, how to experience contact with the Higher self and keep it pure.’ At home he had a confrontation with his house-mate. ‘I got angry, I want structure in my house!!!’ . Concerning the Loge: ‘I want to start my own division on a esoteric base. That is the base for real change. I can keep better distance if necessary. I want to be Monk in the society to propagate ideas. In Greek “Mono oikos” means; icon from the one is mirror to the other.’

December 1999:
Still going well, he had used his spare remedy and came to ask for another one. A cold doesn’t go down into his bronchi anymore. He feels strong physically and emotionally.

February 2000:
Still going strong.

In January 2009:
He asked me for the paper case because he lost his copy.
In the last 9 years he had gone through a lung operation where a part has been taken out.
He recovered and converted to and is an active member of the international Soefi community these days.

Then he mailed me;
“Thanks; curious to realize how you look and describe ‘my chaos’ and relate it to Angelica archangelica. I was kind of obsessed with this plant after being to Santiago de Compostella, I took seeds from the waterside and planted them in my garden and took them with me when I moved to another home, which was in the beginnig of the nineties. Now I see the connection in your report. Amazing.”

Amazing indeed!

Anne Wirtz

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