The grasses wheat and Timothy-grass or cat’s tail for allergic and pseudo-allergic reactions

All grasses – including grasses which bend as well as those with stiffer, hollow stems – have a pronounced relationship connection with intolerance and allergies. The author describes the common symptoms for all these remedies. The grass family is viewed in terms of attachment theory and a particular style of family dynamics affecting respect for the individual‘s personal space in the family system. The case histories present the remedies Phleum pratense (Timothy-grass or cat’s tail) and Triticum vulgare (wheat). The stress cycle of each patient is described.

Key concepts: allergy, Anatherum, Arundo, attachment theory, foodstuffs, grasses, intolerance, Phleum pratense, Poaceae, pollen, stress cycle, Triticum repens, Triticum vulgare, Zea

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