Growing up quickly: the themes of the stimulants from the viewpoint of child development, with examples from Coffea cruda, Coffea tosta and Guarana (Paullinia sorbilis).

This article looks at the pathology of the stimulants from the viewpoint of early child development, the parent-child relationship, and the typical disturbances in bonding. During the exploration phase, the overexcited children play in an extreme and unaccompanied way, leading to acceleration and premature growing-up. I will demonstrate how this dynamic works, using case histories to differentiate the remedies containing a large amount of caffeine: Coffea cruda, Coffea tosta, and Guarana.

KEY CONCEPTS: ADHD, acceleration, impaired bonding, Coffea cruda, Coffea tosta, Guarana, Paullinia, impaired regulation, playing, stimulants, stress cycle, workaholic, goal-oriented


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