Ambitious quest for meaning and emotional vulnerability: a comparison of the pattern of excitation found in Theobroma cacao and Chocolate.

This article differentiates the homeopathic characteristics of the related remedies Cocoa and Chocolate using case histories. Cocoa children are engaged in a quest for meaning. They ambitiously overachieve in the tasks they are set, continuously feeling driven. Lack of self-confidence is compensated by activity and ambitiousness, with a simultaneous fear of failure. Physical symptoms of overstimulation and oversensitivity are found in the skin and mucous membranes. The alternation between physical and emotional states is typical for Chocolate. They are excitable and also tired, and they alternate between diarrhea and constipation, closeness and distance. Exaggeratedly loving in relationships, they are nevertheless quick to take flight.

KEY CONCEPTS: Acceleration, disturbances of bonding, Cocoa, Chocolate, distance, agitation, cocoa, Malvales, chocolate, Theobroma, quest for meaning, Sterculiaceae, stimulants

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