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Agathis Australis /Kauri in Panic

by Enna Stallinga MD
Case 1
Woman 45 years old.
Actual complaints:
M.E, it started 12 yrs ago and was very debilitating the first couple of years. If she ‘went too far’ she got a fever with pain in her muscles and throat. She has suffered from asthmatic bronchitis for 5 years, worse in foggy weather and worse in winter. She has headaches, sometimes with pain in the neck and one-sided.

She ‘lost herself’ in her first marriage, she felt lonely and panicky, and had a fear of dying. That fear she knew from childhood. She was an anxious fearful child with an eating problem, she was too skinny.
If she did not work neatly at school, they threatened to close her in. Sometimes she saw the devil sitting at her bedside. At home she felt pressured to achieve and prove herself.
The family ties were extremely strong.

Timid, fear to fail, fear when alone, fear of robbers, of heights, chaotic, considerate, creative, sense of humor, clair-sensitive, love for animals and for nature. She is educated as a teacher.
She suffered from sinusitis frontalis, recurrent ear infections, jaundice, anorexia, bronchitis, esophagitis.
Allergies: histamine, wool, citrus-fruits.
Desires; chocolate, fat, salty, fruits, eggs.
Aversions; sour milk, asparagus.
She feels best in the evening. At night she could suddenly wake up thinking that she did not want to die.
Hobby; giving lessons in horse riding.

Reaction after Agathis Australis K:
In a short time her energy rose from 4 to 8 on a scale of 10, to her great surprise. The remedy was repeated several times always with an aggravation just after taking it, (she had 30, 200, MK and XMK). For instance, during one period she was very obsessed by death and another by ‘losing herself’.
The air-passage problems faded away. Her energy was good and psychologically she felt more sure of herself and the fears were almost gone.

Case 2
Woman 30 years old. She became overpowered by enormous panic attacks with fear of failure when she started her new job. She could not relax anymore which prevented her from falling asleep. She had the fear that she was to loose everything. She was afraid to make any decisions, postponed difficult things and clings to her family members. She was scared to ‘loose herself’ and it was very difficult for her to think autonomously. She lost a lot of weight, suffered from pains in her neck and shoulders and headaches with oversensitivity to light and a neuralgia of the face.

She wants to do everything perfectly. She fears being left out, fears of confinement, and fears getting old without money. She is modest, creative, has sense of humor, likes traveling on her own, and is self-willed. She needs protection, likes to teach and give presentations.

Pneumonia, bronchitis, ear-infections, premenstrual migraines, sinusitis maxillaris, and hay-fever. She has night-sweats, is very sensitive to odors and her teeth are susceptible to caries.
Desires; chocolate, cheese, fat, chips, spices.
Aversions; vegetables, ice-cream, milk.
Hobby: ballet (on a high level).

Reaction after the Agathis Australis K:
Soon after the remedy she felt much more relaxed and her sleep was better.
The lost feeling was gone. Her self-criticism became less severe and the fear how people would judge her got much less. She started to be more outgoing.
Her job went remarkably well and she feels that she functions fine. She got the remedy in three potencies: 30, 200 and MK.

Symptoms of Agathis australis found in RADAR:

Case 1:
Sense of loss
Dreams devils
Fear alone
Thoughts of death
Full of cares
Throat, inflammation esophagus
Desire chocolate
Desire fruit
Desire fried

Case 2:
Sense of loss
Fear poverty
Anger with himself
Anxiety about money matters
Dancing amel
Dreams dancing

Photophobia during headache
Caries teeth
Desire chocolate
Aversive vegetables

Obvious in both cases is the strong feeling and fear ‘loosing or having lost themselves’. The desperation, helplessness and the need to cling to the family. Moreover they shared the fear of failure, panic attacks, eating problems and the sense of humor.
Physical similarities: bronchitis, ear-infections, sinusitis and desire for chocolate etc.

I was quite surprised how fast both ladies were rid of their serious complaints.
The patient in the first case had, at the time she came to me, very serious symptoms at the physical level and in the past psychological problems which forced her to stop working and live in a therapeutic setting for some years.
Since some years she has a stable health condition, physical and psychological.
The second patient came to see me, one year ago, in a great panic-state. I was doubtful if a homeopathic remedy could get her out of it and into a healthy balance. I saw her problems being solved quite quickly to my surprise and satisfaction. She developed into a far more stable human being.

Agathis Australis belongs to the family of the coniferae.
Characteristics of the conifers: fragility, vulnerability, feeling empty.
Rajan Sankaran places this tree in the Acute Miasm.

The Kauri-tree is important in New Zealand. Deforestation has considerably decreased the number of Kauri-trees on these islands by more than 90%!
Interesting is the parallel between this fact and the desperation of the Maori’s, all the natural means they have lost, as if there was no more right for them to exist.

Enna Stallinga MD

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Agathis Australis (Kauri)
Reply #3 on : Fri April 22, 2011, 14:32:35
Kauri recently came up when I was asked to help a
woman who was reacting to an abusive marriage,
divorce,was facing surgery(hernia)and feeling isolated and fearful.I had never used the remedy.
This article was very helpful.New Zealand as an ecosystem is quite isolated, and the animals that lived there were vulnerable to outside influences.

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agthis australis
Reply #2 on : Tue September 07, 2010, 08:19:39
Can you give me, please, the official Synthesis abbreviation of Agathis australis?
Thanks A.M.

The official abbreviation is: Ag.aust.
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Reply #1 on : Fri June 01, 2007, 07:26:17
Fantastic to see this remedy in action. The 1999 proving of Agathis Australis Kauri by Misha Norland and The School of Homeopathy in Devon is worth a read as well. It can be found at: