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Actinides /The hidden camera and the broken mirror

by M. Plouvier-Suijs MD

The hidden camera and the broken mirror

Six years ago during a course, I presented all I knew about the remedy Uranium.
Over the years I have learned much more about the remedy and about other remedies of the Uranium-series: I know Radium, Thorium, Neptunium and Plutonium as homeopathic remedies as well.
Because of my own constitution I might be sensitive to recognize these pictures.
In my book `Aspecten van de Homeopathie’ (2002) I described the pictures of Radium, Thorium, Uranium and Plutonium in the same way Jan Scholten does in his book: ‘Homoeopathy and the Elements’. The Element-theory has great value to me in understanding the symptoms of remedies compose the picture of that remedy. By describing the pictures of the remedies from the Uranium-series, I give my contribution to the Element-theory as far as I know. We need the contribution of colleagues to complete it.
(Neptunium Muriaticum as homeopathic remedy is made and proven by Didier Lustig).

During the last four years my knowledge about the remedies has increased.
I will describe the Uraniumseries as a group and explain the possible etiology of the remedy-picture.

The Actinides are the 7e series of the periodic system. Jan Scholten uses the word Uranium Series in his book ‘Homeopathy and the Elements’.
In summary the themes of the series in Jan Scholten's book are:
-Hydrogeniumseries: being, fetus, space.
-Carbonseries: ego, child, body.
-Siliciumseries: friend, family, teenager.
-Ironseries: worker, adult, village.
-Silverseries: inventor, performer, middle age, city.
-Goldseries: leader, ripe age, country/world.

Central words for the Uraniumseries:

Observe, perceive
Overview, transparency
Sensitivity, Sympathy, Compassion
Universal truths
Old age
Archetype: the testifier, the witness, the joker, the jester, the clown.

This is to be recognized in individuals like Mother Theresa: still at old age she cared for children and people who are unknown in this world.
Nelson Mandela as well is a man who gave all his energy to change the system in South Africa; although he was in prison for many years and suffered a lot, he kept to his beautiful message for the world. In his altruism the energy is never lacking. The only possible way to live is by giving.

To communicate:
They are very good in both verbal and non verbal communication. Also in children this aspect is to be noticed: the language they use is not appropriate for their age. Whatever they say, they say it precisely. Thus a child of five years old said at the moment she splashed of anger and was send to her room: “however then I’ll go to my chamber and I will never return, not to eat and neither to drink!!" Catherine Coulter describes in I<>‘Psychological Portraits’ about the remedy Lachesis and the picture of a child with such sharp language. In the Actinides however, there is no competitive element at all like there is in Lachesis.

Wisdom, intuition:
They are wise, not in the sense of clever, they have a wisdom which shows insight. The appropriate sense is intuition. They are clairvoyant and sometimes they simply know. They recognize if intuition is colored by emotion and know the truth.

To observe, to perceive:
They see through people and their actions. They are adapted to several cultures and they will seldom be surprised about what happens. They can imagine every life-event even the most inconceivable. The aim of living is to try to be in peace with each other. In the cycles of lives a quality has different stages: we are victim, actor, indicter, judge, defender, we are condemned and finally we regret. People who need an Actinide know these stages and do not have any judgment. In observing the judgment is absent.

Overview, transparency:
They observe as if everything is transparent. They understand what is going on at the moment they see it. They do not filter. This way of looking at things is like using a hidden camera. People of old age and little children observe the world around them in this way. The similarity of elder people and children is that they do not react on the world they observe, they have no emotion about it, they are objective and just watching. Observing is pure and objective.

Old age:
The high age belongs to this series. In old age it is appropriate to be withdrawn while you are present. They do not intervene.

Physical complaints:
Cancer, bone marrow disorders, leukemia.
Congenital deviations, genetic deviations.

The hidden camera:
Jan Scholten has literally discovered the Lanthanides for us, as homeopathic remedies they were unknown. In Boericke there is only one: Cerium Oxalicum.
Jan Scholten explains about the main theme of the Lanthanides which is autonomy. Other themes are searching, going deep, reflection. This all is to learn from his book: ‘Secret Lanthanides’. I would like to add analysis and thinking to the themes he describes.
People who need Actinides do not use analysis. What ever they observe is transparent; they know, insight and overview is there at the same moment. That is the reason for me to compare this observing with the use of a hidden camera. Observing is pure and objective.
These qualities of observation we are intent to learn in our profession as a therapist. For practicing homeopathy Hahnemann recommends this objective observation. In our practice it is a quality, but in daily life this quality can cause big trouble. In daily life this objective observation of how people deal with each other can be a painful charge because of the sense of liability. Again and again the question comes up: ‘what to do with the insight, the overview and knowing?’ If all the tricks and playing games in human behavior are transparent, how to react? The only way to live with this quality is improve compassion.

The broken mirror:
Children are most illustrative in showing the picture of Actinides. In general there is an etiologic moment in their life. I name this moment: ‘breaking the mirror’.

Development in the first year of a child:
Rapidly after birth the baby has eye contact with one of the parents, generally with some kind of recognition. From that first eye contact the baby has ‘imitating mimicry’. The parent and the baby reflect each other. Initially the child identifies itself in this mirroring face. At the age of 9 months the child is able to distinguish faces and indicates its preference, this is the period of timidity. The child develops the possibility to remember the favorite face and give it a name, Mummy.
Thanks to memory the child becomes aware of more than one face at the same time, mummy and daddy. This is the awareness of the triangle; father, mother and child. Up to that time the child was one unit with the mother. In the unity communication is non-verbal. At the time the child is aware of the triangle, it begins to talk.
Thanks to the awareness of the triangle the child will notice his own individuality. At the age of three years old the child uses the word ‘I’ for himself. At the same age the set of milk teeth are complete, the fontanel is closed, the child is able to jump on the ground and he says “I”: I want and I don’t want.
In the course of the first years everything the child is doing is learned by imitation. In that mirror it recognizes itself. When, however, by a dramatic event in those early years the parents cannot handle the situation, the mirror can be broken. From that moment on the child will no longer imitate the parents.
At that moment an Opium or Aconitum or other remedy-layer can come or cover up.

Etiology of the Actinide:
If the remedy that is needed is an Actinide, something else will happen at the moment of the dramatic event. Let us look at the moment of the first eye contact between mother and child, this is a moment of recognition.
We are able to recognize someone we use to know in a former life. If we, as human beings, reincarnate it is possible that the mother recognizes the new born child and reverse.
Sometimes the incarnation is one of an old soul. At the moment of a dramatic event, the moment the parents are not able to handle the situation this incarnating part in the child takes the lead in the child’s life. The personality that learns how to do by imitating others, babies-nature, will disappear. From that moment on the identity of that old wise person raises in the child. That person will help the parents to come to themselves, but afterward it is possible that this state in the child continues.
This is visible in the social behavior and in the language the child uses. New words heard by him or her are immediately used in the correct context. For instance; a mother said to her daughter of 2 years old: “you shouldn’t show off” and the little girl answered: "No, actress, no!”.
The disadvantage for the child in this condition is that his childish expression disappears, for the mother it is not appropriate to have this wise guy on her lap.
After the correct use of the Actanide-remedies for these children they regain their childish behavior.
In the history of adults who need an Actinide, I have seen this trauma in their childhood and saw the disadvantage of growing up in such a state. As infant or toddler they lost the contact with their own inner child. They have no experience in quarreling and standing up for themselves. The ‘wise elder person’ inside them did not allow the kind of childish behavior. For adults the correct application of an Actinide ‘brings the child back’ to life. From that moment on a process develops in which I saw the growing of a resistance, like children during early childhood.

M. Plouvier-Sluijs MD

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Keywords: actinides, Didier Lustig, Jan Scholten, uranium, Catherine Coulter, lachesis, opium, aconitum


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from Rome (Italy)
Reply #2 on : Sat May 08, 2010, 20:51:00
" Very unfortunate; I do not deserve this from God punishing me; take care of my family has cost me so much ": who repeatedly states this, may be a case of Plutonium Muriaticum? Thank You!

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Reply #1 on : Tue September 04, 2007, 12:58:46

I have got reactions on the article from Germany, Spain, Holland and America. Colleagues recognise what I describe. Most interesting is the comment of one colleague: she had got Thorium Metallicum as homeopathic remedy from her therapist. That happened just before she red this article. She recognised the theme of the broken mirror immediately. She said: “I still know that moment!”
Colleagues in America were intend to study the Actinides. For that purpose I have send them the text about some Actinides.