2007 June

Actinide-series /Uranium arsenicum case

by M.Plouvier-Suijs MD
Case: Uranium Arsenicum

A little girl at the age of 20 months visits my clinic for complaints since the age of 10 months: she has eczema in little spots and has attacks of vomiting. She spits very explosive and frequent: 1 up to 4 or 5 times during a week. She spits without reason, but also when she is angered or during a cough. Every deviation of daily routine leads to more and more frequent vomiting. If she vomits she looks vaguely, her face is very pale, her eyelids are red. She remains active, but takes rest from time to time. She has no appetite and takes no food.
During pregnancy her mother had high blood pressure and physically it was not easy. After 37 weeks of pregnancy the delivery was induced.
She breastfed her daughter for 7 months and everything was fine, but she had some fever after vaccinations.

At the age of 10 months she felt sick and 3 hospitalizations followed:
The first because of a gestation with the R.S. virus, the second because of pneumonia, and the third because of the vomiting.
The course of the first hospitalization was dramatic: she arrived in the hospital in a bad condition and her respiration became worse and worse. At the end she was passive. The parents gave a big alarm, but nobody reacted to them. After a long time the baby was given oxygen and slowly recovered. The parents felt forsaken and powerless at that moment.

The little girl has a strong will. She plays her own game. If someone else plays with her and takes over from her she stops playing and will start to do something else. She does not accept guidance. She is capricious while playing. She is very good at observation and imitates afterward. She is very sensitive to noise. She prefers company and she panics if she is left alone.
It is remarkable that she knows all the children in the nursery by name. She is neat and likes to wash her hands.

Stomach, vomiting paroxysmal.
She prefers company and is in panic if she is left alone.
Fear of being alone lest she die (thus was the situation in hospital).
She is neat and likes to wash her hands: Rubric: always washing her hands.
Generals, vaccination.
Cannot rest when things are not in their proper place.

Arsenicum Album 30K is the first remedy.

After the remedy she had an aggravation, but no amelioration. She vomits even during sleep.
Mother tries to make agreements with her with success. She is very accurate and she knows exactly what kind of agreement they have. She corrects her mother: "that we didn’t agree, mamma!" She is a high performer in social contact. She uses sentences and she becomes frustrated if she is not able to express herself. She uses new words immediately in the correct context: mother says: "don’t show off this way." She answers: "no, actress no." She is a wise adult with the body of a child.

Uranium Arsenicum 30K is the second remedy.

Follow-up 1 month after the remedy.

She enters the room in a resolute way and starts to play by herself.
She is more playful and while playing she shows much more fantasy. The mother says: “Now she is a child that I can take on my lap!”
She only has vomited once. Her anniversary passed: it was a busy day but everything was OK.

Her mother lost her job. The repeating illnesses of the little girl forced her to stay home and her boss did not accept this.
Now she has two children and likes to take care of them.

Advise: Uranium Arsenicum 30K if necessary.

Follow-up One month later the mother reports that from time to time she still vomits.
Going to sleep is a problem. She does not want to sleep.

After one dose of Uranium Arsenicum 200K, this complaint disappears and she is doing well from that moment on.

M.Plouvier-Sluijs MD

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