2008 April

Aconitum case 3

by Ai-Ling Makewell
Case 3 Aconitum:
This is a nine month old baby girl, Sarah. The main reason for the visit was "glue ears".

Sarah goes to child care one day a week since she was six months old and has separation anxiety. At six and one-half months old she had a viral infection with fever and ear infection. She was grumpy, crying a lot, not sleeping well, both ear drums burst with yellow fluid discharge. Though Sarah’s ear drums healed after a course of antibiotics there was still fluid in the ears. As such, the ear specialist recommended for grummets to be put into her ears. She also had a hearing test three times because Sarah’s mother has hearing problems.
Sarah is developmentally ahead of time, she crawled at five months. She is very active ever since birth, inquisitive, curious, and has a very placid temperament. She tends to cry herself to sleep, breathing is heavy (runny nose), gobbles down her drink fast. Sarah likes to play, laughs a lot, but doesn’t like her nose and face touched. She is prone to a nappy rash on her bottom.
Her birth was rather traumatic – induced birth, mother had epidural and pain killer and Sarah was born within thirty minutes.

Prescription: Aconite 30C (2 doses – 1 a week). I squirt the Aconite liquid into Sarah’s mouth, within the minute she turned around and came over and touched me on the knee (she stayed close to her father before then).

Response: Sarah sleeps well – from 8 o’clock at night till 7 in the morning, she no longer cries herself to sleep. Her ears cleared up. She is more active and tries to climb things. No more separation anxiety. She hasn’t had a rash on the bottom. Mother says that everything is going well.

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