2008 April

Aconitum Napellus - for acute illness or is it deeper?

by Ai-Ling Makewell
Aconitum Napellus – Is It A Remedy for Acute illness Only? or Is It Something Deeper?

Aconite is a remedy well known for its use in an acute manifestation. The literatures handed down over the past two hundred years give the idea that “Aconite is a short-acting remedy of immense value in the early hours of acute illness. Its use in this way may abort a more serious condition, but if symptoms persist the use of a different remedy must be considered” (Gibson, 1987:7). No doubt, potential development of many more serious illnesses that could be resulting from shock was aborted because of the use of Aconite at the onset of an acute illness. The inference of such is that the usefulness of Aconite is limited to acute manifestation of illnesses only, yet experiences have shown that it could be a much deeper acting remedy than it has been suggested.
I have obtained good result from using Aconite in a number of cases where accidents had taken place in a person’s life many years prior to the manifestation of those complaints that brought them to seek help. Aconite could be a deep acting remedy that heals the cause of a disease manifestation (e.g. shock, accident) though there may not apparently be a causal link between the two.
The following four cases demonstrate that Aconite is more than a remedy just for acute manifestation if the essence of the remedy and the individual condition are in resonance. In the case of Aconite, the essence is that of shock.

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Reply #1 on : Sat April 05, 2008, 23:41:56
Interesting cases. For cases 1,2, and 3, can you provide the follow-up time frames for us?