2008 April

Aconitum case 4

by Ai-Ling Makewell
Case 4 Aconitum:
A man of 36 years of age, Max, came to see me because of his long standing hay-fever. He has been taking anti-histamines since he was a child.
He sneezes from morning (within a couple of minutes on waking), on and off through out the day with itchy and watery eyes. Max’s hay-fever began ever since he broke out in hives when at age 7. His hay-fever tends to last the whole of the summer season.
He was vaccinated with mumps and measles, but had chicken-pox.
Max was rather accident prone from the age of 5 to 18, he was in and out of hospital for one accident or another. These experiences have led to his fear of hospitals. While playing on the playground as a small child he fell off the climbing frame and hit his head. Then at age 5 he was hit by a car and ended up in hospital for observation though no serious injuries. In his teens a cricket ball hit his head while playing the game, his glasses cut his eye which required stitches. Another incident was a bridge broke apart when he was crossing it, which sent him flying into a river.
Max likes most of foods, ice cream and sweet foods, not interested in cheese or salt. He works in the insurance industry. This is just a job to him. His art (animation) is where his passion lies and he worked as an animator previously. The first studio he worked for went bankrupt, then the work dried up when he worked for another studio. He was unable to obtain another job as an animator since. Max loves his art and is confident in what he does. However, he is not so confident in areas where he lacked the necessary skills (in animation). He is not the kind of person who could bluff his way into an area of work if he lacked the skill to be really good at it. He doesn’t want to give false impressions or let others down with not working up to standard.
As a child at school he was often bullied, called names and being put down. He loves and participated in many forms of sports at school which was his way of defending himself. Max has three younger brothers with whom he developed good friendships too. He is sensitive, empathic and always helps others out when they are in need.

Case Analysis:
Max had hay-fever not long after fallen and hit his head at the playground and being hit by a car. It is quite possible that his hay-fever was a reaction to the shocks received from his accidents. His hay-fever worsened over the years. For this reason I decided on Aconite 1M first. Then I gave him Niobium-phosphorus-oxygenium 200C on his return visit.
On receiving the Aconitum Napellus 1M Max felt that something has lifted off him with a sense of peace within, felt more awake, a lot more relaxed and his eyes were more open.
My reason for prescribing Niobium-phosphorus-oxygenium is that at the core Max is a very creative person with a passion for art (animation). His artistic temperament points to a possible remedy from the Silver series. Although Max had opportunities to work in the industry to express his artistic talents, due to unforeseen circumstances (the company went bankrupt) he was out of work and unable to find another job in the same area. As a result, he was “pushed” into a job which he does not really enjoy, but keeping it for practical reasons. All of these symptoms pointing to a stage 5 theme, “tormented by not showing their talents, doubt whether they will be able to develop their creative talents", etc. Max is talented in his creative work, but is unable to make a go of it. The remedy is Niobium – stage 5 Silver series, in combination with Phosphorus and Oxygenium.
My choice of phosphorus is due to Max’s sympathetic temperament and his empathy toward others extends to him giving help to those in need. The theme of siblings, friends, and school is characteristic of phosphorus. The aspect of being a victim (bullied and abused by other students at the school) was not addressed by the combination of Niobium-phosphorus, therefore I add the remedy Oxygenium to this combination.
Prescription: Aconite 1M on the initial visit. Niobium-phosphorus-oxygenium 200C on the return visit.

Response: One month after the Aconite 1M Max reports that there was no more sneezing a week later. The intensity of sneezing decreased a great deal – only the occasional ones. He is feeling really good. On this visit Max was given Niobium-phosphorus-oxygenium 200C, immediately he says that he is feeling relaxed, more at ease, more alert and awake, more centered, tingling in finger tips and a sense of joy arising from within.

The third visit: The hay-fever has vastly improved, though still sneezing a bit from time to time. I am getting more information this time. Apparently Max used to snore in his sleep, he is not sure if this has decreased but his wife has not mentioned it. There was prior use of different drugs – amphetamine, speed, ecstasy and marijuana for a short period of time. He has stopped using these for the past three years.
After the Niobium-phosphorus-oxygenium he is quieter, able to sit and think more about his life purpose and tries to understand his own purpose in the big scheme of things. He feels more ready to take up his drawing pen again (hasn’t done this for years), whereas prior to taking the remedy he just tried to forget about everything to do with art and beat himself up for not doing anything. Now he is able to accept himself much more for who he is and not beat himself up when he doesn’t feel like doing something. He also picked up an Art book to read and look at it (it was given to him as a present a while back).
Max is so much more centered within himself, much more relaxed with more of a sense of purpose within him. His hay-fever is markedly improved with odd sneezes only. Max is doing well on Niobium-phosphorus-oxygenium and this remedy may serve Max well for a while longer.

Aconite is a remedy though well known for its great use in an emergency situations. These four cases have shown that there is no time constraint in the usefulness of this remedy. Aconite is extremely useful to unblock the energy flow if there was the element of shock involved when tracing one’s aetiology in the development of an illness.
Aconite acts deeply and brings the body back into equilibrium even when the shock had taken place many years ago. It unblocks the obstructed energy flow so that the remedy given for constitutional treatment after Aconite can act in its fullness.

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Aconite is in iron series
Reply #2 on : Tue February 24, 2015, 09:10:26
In my experience when a person is very creative in it's core (silver series), but due outer circumstances like accidents or vaccinations is pushed into a ill state and forced to earn his money by working in other sectors without a stimulus to their creativity, then they get stuck in the iron series.

Aconite napellus is a "worker who is not able to work". In Jan Scholten's book "Wonderful Plants" it's index is 642.13.01, which means (as I interpret it)


6 Lanthanides (adult person)
4 Iron (actually working)
2 Carbon (but not able to work)

else a more healthier person would be in


6 Lanthanides (adult person)
4 Iron (actually working)
4 Iron(and able to do his work)

With Aconite you could help him to jump to a higher "atomic orbit" and reach a higher energetic state. A state in which we all should be, appreciation (and performing) for spirituality, art and science.

If you should choose a plant remedy corresponding to Niobium, silver series, stage 5, then take a look for 665.xx.05, but plants seems to be more complex as metals.

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to know more
Reply #1 on : Tue December 25, 2012, 21:10:12
Niobium-phosphorus-oxygenium 200...this is a combination... each remedy was in 200 and you mixed them in what ratio?
Why not just phosphorus 200?
Vhat made you feel the need to mix all three together?
I'd like to know more about the trio and where else it can be applied.
Thank you
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