2008 April

Aconitum case 2

by Ai-Ling Makewell
Case 2 Aconitum:
This is a boy baby of 13 months. He has had eczema since he was six months old.

Baby’s Health History;
The eczema weeps when it is bad.
He is allergic to cortisones, dairy foods, and mangos. His eczema got a bit better when his mother changed her diet (breast fed).
He was put under light for a week within five minutes after birth because of being severely jaundiced.
Has a great deal of energy, very active, extremely curious, and good appetite.
He has seen a chiropractor periodically since birth.
He is not sleeping well at the moment (doesn’t sleep for long either) and is quite happy as long as mother is around.
Premature birth by three weeks.
The birth was quick – a bit of shock to the mother too.
Not vaccinated.

Case Analysis:
My reason to give the baby Aconite was based on the shock he experienced from being born too quickly. The shock could be the cause for the manifestation of his eczema, especially when he was not vaccinated. If his eczema remains after the layer of shock is taken away, then I will look for another remedy that fits him. However, this was not required as he did very well on Aconite.

Prescription: Aconite 30C one dose.

Response: The child is well since, no more eczema outbreaks.

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