2008 April

Aconitum case 1

by Ai-Ling Makewell
Case 1 Aconitum:
A woman in her mid thirties came to see me in the early 2007. I will call her Marian. As soon as Marian sat down, she told me that there are two things not right in her. One is fussiness in her head and confusion. It sometimes feels as if there is a clot in the head which gives rise to her feeling of being unable to be decisive or articulate. The other issue is that she feels unbalanced and disoriented at times.
Marian is quite talkative, she continued with her story telling me that her head is clouded and she also feels guilty in some way because she left home (Europe) abruptly. Marian came to Australia as a backpacker, but ended up staying here and got married a few years ago. She had to leave and get as far away from her homeland as possible because she felt restrained as if by a horse-cart. Her mother’s anger toward her leaving home resulted in cutting off of communications.
The sensation of confusion is accompanied by feeling of weight at the back of head, lacking clarity, and feels like being held just beneath the surface of water.
She had a nasty car accident four years ago and was nearly killed. She felt “rattled” (her own word) by the experience, which resulted in the loss of strength to the extent that she could not even open the lid of a jar. She apparently had a feeling of confusion prior to the accident, but it was worse afterward. The Doctor gave her an anti-depressant for eight months after her recovery from the accident.

Case Analysis:
Marian’s car accident was a major shock to her entire being. Although her broken body, resulting from the accident, was healed over time with no apparent undesirable after-effect, the shock she received from the accident was never addressed by the orthodox medicine (given anti-depressants). The potential impact from the shock of the car accident could have contributed to the development of greater confusion and fussiness in the head and her feeling of not being balanced.
I decided to give Marian Aconite 1M to address the shock she received from her car accident. Although the car accident was four years ago, the energetic imprints of the shock still affect her well being today. The energy frequency carried by the homoeopathic remedies transcends time and space, though Aconite is traditionally considered to be a remedy for acute manifestation only. If the essences of the remedy and the condition resonate, then it shall have an effect on the vital force.
Prescription: Aconite 1M.

Response: (I always give a remedy on the spot to the patient because I expect to see his/her reaction from the given remedy within minutes so to confirm the prescription).
Marian’s response to Aconite is rather interesting because she is what we call a "sensitive". She begins to describe her feeling of sensation almost straight away.
The following account is Marian’s description of her reaction to Aconite 1M:
"It feels as if life is coming back to my body, the energy is rising from the leg and abdomen upward. My eyes feel differently, I can see a little more sharply, tension behind my eyes is reduced, light coming into the back of my eyes. My arms are loosened, not so heavy and back of my head feels unusual, not in a sickly way.
I do feel very differently – calmer, better, there was tightness in the solar plexus for a time. I feel that something on the left side is coming back into the body and becoming more centred – definitely feeling more together – more of a UNIT than previously."

As Marian was walking out of the door she said: “I could feel my feet on the ground!”
Marian had Aconite 1M one more time. She reported that everything was fine, no fussiness and has been brilliant since the remedy.

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