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Magnesium sulphuricum; a chameleon in love

by Fredy Cesar Erazo
A 36 year old patient who comes for a visit with an anxiety crisis due to a traumatic break-up with her boyfriend. She came for the first visit 15 days after having such a crisis.
After 4 years of relationship, 15 days before, she went home unexpectedly to find her boyfriend with a common girlfriend in their bed in a somewhat more than friendly situation. She was paralyzed by a state of shock in which she could not speak or move, even breathing was somehow difficult for her. The couple caught in fraganti had to take her to the hospital where she was diagnosed with an anxiety crisis for which they prescribed anxiolytics. From that day she presents tachycardia, a feeling of suffocation, a trembling that spreads all over her body, unrestrained sobbing, insomnia and marked anorexia, only tolerating rice: liquids, meat, and vegetables immediately cause her nausea and finally induce her to vomit.

With her family living in another city, after her crisis, she went back to live with her mother just 8 days before. This just made things even worst due to her mother’s negative attitude who never ceased to reproach her behaviour. "To have abandoned a very good job in order to go to live in another city, to have abandoned her family to go with a man who she did not even know well, to have spent all her savings in order to buy a house, taking out a mortgage for another 20 years, and worst of all, this was not the first time it happened, that her lovers have always been the same", and so on, every single day, until she decides to come to me for a visit.

With this initial medical picture I prescribed her Ignatia 1 Lm and evaluated her 3 days after. Because of her good response, I kept up with Ignatia 7 ch for 15 days more and I arranged with her another visit.

Then she told me her story:

She had discovered her true problem in these 15 days after her first visit to me, after taking Ignatia. She felt very bad for two days and then she had a dream: she was walking and while she walked the colour of her body was changing, just as a chameleon mimetizing. When she awoke, she discovered that such was her sentimental life, she could not be herself in her couple relationships.

She had had four loving relations and they always ended up the same way… with a big trauma, like a disaster and with her loosing everything, without knowing what to do, where to go, and worst of all, always repeating the same story.

“I am a lover chameleon”: Whenever she did not have a relationship she showed to be a person of success in every field. Professionally, she would always get positions of responsibility due to her strong character and the confidence she irradiated, but all that ended up the moment she fell in love.

The first time she fell in love she was 20 years old and it all ended up 3 years after, just as well… her first boyfriend taught her how to take cocaine, ecstasy, pills etc. In the daytime she worked and at night she became an addict and an alcoholic. She realized that she did all that because otherwise he would leave her. Nevertheless somewhere inside of her she started feeling a deep anger with this boy who forced her to do this kind of things and with herself for not being able to make herself worth. One day this boy told her everything was over, that she had changed so much, that she was no more the woman he loved, that she had become an addict and a heavy drinker! This was terrible for her, but it has happened the same ever since, even with her last relationship; he said apple and she said pear, but she ended up eating apple. She wanted to live in Madrid (Spain), but went to live to Barcelona (Spain). She was the boss in one department of a company and ended up taking care of his mother who had Alzheimer - the reason behind their travel to Barcelona.
She had decided that he would be the man of her life and hold out with everything, out of love. She spent all her savings buying a house and paying a mortgage going halves with him, but at the same time started feeling that she was giving up her life, her personality, because of love and this made her in a raging temper. She would do everything he wanted her to do, but deep inside she felt a deep anger and a feeling of frustration that grew bigger and bigger. They had discussions on a daily basis and certainly no sex life, which was the way she would punish him.

MIND: a positive, happy person, she enjoys company but needs loneliness and enjoys it.

CHARACTER: strong, decisive, with a lot of friends and a way with command. Everything changed when she fell in love, then she would not express her annoyances, she kept everything to herself until she flared up.

FOOD: she does not tolerate dairy products. Desires for chocolate.

CLIMATE: prefers cold, excessive heat oppresses her, but very sensitive to cold.

BIOTYPE: tall, dark-brown, thin.

PHYSICAL EXAM: striking is what there is in her palms and soles, where she presents a dry eczema and in her nails, which grow corrugated, worse on the left side.

FAMILY: she is the only child and her parents divorced when she was 10 years old. When her father left she thanked God because her father was very severe, his punishments were slaps and he left her for hours standing in front of a wall for any reason that would not be important the day after. The same situation happened again and again, especially when she was a little girl because she did not want to get her father mad, although this was inevitable. Since her father ran away with another woman her mother who had never defended her from him, has non-stop been speaking ill of him.


This case shows clearly that the patient has a deficient aspect of her personality in love relationships. It is very clear how she goes from one personality to another, from being assertive and decisive to someone else completely defeated.

In this case it is also very clear the relationship between aggression and love. In order to preserve the love of her boyfriend she keeps for herself her opinions and desires, she changes them all the time. One time she was a heavy drinker and drug addict, another time she was like a hippy in a commune, she finished like a nurse of an Alzheimer patient and she expresses it very well, “I am like a chameleon in love”, she changes totally in order to be loved.
The most interesting point is that her boyfriends use to abandon her just because she had ended up not being the same person they had fallen in love with, she has changed and turn out to be like them!!

Love and aggression are the topics of two minerals, Sulphur and Magnesia, together they form Magnesia sulfúrica which the central illusion, in words of Scholten, is characterized by “keeping the rage to preserve love”

This is exactly what she does. Like a chameleon she tries to be like her boyfriends, imitating them so they love her. But this just produces her fall, on the inside rage and frustrations grow which finally ends up in a passive-aggressive behaviour that in the end breaks the relationship.

The biotype tall, thin, has been described like a typical patient of Magnesia Sulfurica (Boericke).

Other symptoms of Magnesia: her father’s aggressiveness, the intolerance to milk, sensitiveness to cold.

Other symptoms of Sulphur: desire for loneliness, dry eczema, left side.

Why not Natrum muriaticum? She had this issue with her mother, importunate, but she was not nostalgic, neither asked for compassion.

Follow Up:

After Ignatia, the patient was able to identify her problem, apart from getting her out of her shock. Ignatia works as a catalytic converter and this is what I generally see when I prescribe it in situations of stress.

After the Magnesia sulfurica the change was even more solid. She was able to reach an agreement with her ex-boyfriend about the mortgage and she felt less pressed to look for another relationship.

She discovered that she needed to express out a forgotten passion that went back to when she was little and she started to take lessons in classic theatre. It was for her a revelation of her capacity to live other lives; characters like Oedipus or Antigone awakened in her the conscience the relationship with her father and Graphites is a remedy that I used in that moment (nails and skin already indicated it).

Graphites is coal that could had been a diamond (Didier Grandgeorge).

It is important to note that this patient goes through several phases of her energy, from the significance of the relationship (Sulphur), to the relationship with her father (Carbon) to the new opening, the creative area, the artist, the silver group, creativity.

I think this is related to an effect in homeopathic medicine which works as a catalytic converter, it is expressed in patients in what Scholten calls the levels of the seven series of the periodic table which correspond to what in the Hindu tradition are known as Chakras.  I intend to write about this theme in the near future in an article that I have headlined “The seven walls castle”, I intend to do it, if Yttrium allows me!

After two years, she continues with the theatre, “three times per week I am a chameleon, in each rehearsal each time I come up the stage, I get transformed and I represent a character that takes possession of me and I change and that is how I express my need of drama and transcendence”.

Homeopathy compares it with the Delphi Oracle. “These marvelous granules have revealed to me my own secrets, I do not know how it acts, but for certain they do”.
She has fallen in love once again, but “the victim ignores it yet”. She now feels the need to build a family, germinate and give life. “He, her new future couple does not yet know what waits for him”.
I must confess that in that moment I understood that the chameleon of love had given place to a Gaia disciple, "the mother earth”.

Fredy Cesar Erazo
email: Fredy_cesar@hotmail.com

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