2008 April

7th Chakra potencies

by Margriet Plouvier Suijs MD
Seventh Chakra

The Sanskritt name of the chakra is Sahasrara = ‘thousand form’. In Greek this chakra is named epistemon translated to ‘intuitive wisdom’. Immediately after epistemon comes ‘ho nikon’ = the conqueror. In numerology the number of epistemon is 999 and of 'ho nikon' is 1000. As a human being, I know myself as being part of everything. This is the crown chakra: the place of the small fontanel. A child that passes through the birth channel with the small fontanel as the first part, presents itself by the crown charka. Immediately under the small fontanel lies the glandula pinealis. According to Blavatsky this is the place of awareness of the Self.
In the awareness of Self man perceives his limits and he understands the suffering belonging to those limits. This is part of him. The end of the struggle and the understanding of these facts brings peace and the feeling to be the conqueror. This feeling of well-being is shown by a baby after a normal delivery. It is to be known by everyone and the knowledge is connected to the wisdom; this feeling is unlimited. We are aware just for one moment, because life is connected to time and space. Time and space create the possibility to move, in Latin, 'movere'. The word emotion is out of the same stem. By learning from our emotional state we are able to change and to grow in wisdom about our self and about the world.
The process of growing in wisdom and awareness is a spiraling movement. We live in cycles, periods of time; one day, one week, one month, one year, seven years. The spiraling movement is to be recognized in the double helix of our genes.
Every cycle begins with the inviting words of the Gospel of St. Thomas, “Walk into this world”; words according to the first chart of the Tarot; the Simple. Every cycle ends with the knowledge of another word of the same Gospel, “live and pass by", but before we let it go we need to know about our emotions, we have to struggle and return to tranquility of mind.

Surrounding factors:
We, all of us, everyone.
The whole family, the clan.
The spirit of the time we live in.

Physical factors:
Total body.

My own experiences about OPIUM:

This is following my experiences with Opium 30K.

Finally I needed all the potencies up to CMK to solve the layer. One year before I took all the potencies up to 50MK. For a period of time I had relief, but after some time I noticed the shame again. Not knowing what to do at that moment I decided to let it be. Then after a final struggle I realized I needed the highest potency as well.

Opium 30K evoked a feeling of grief and I recognized the feeling belonged to me for my whole life. The moment it came over me, during a ‘consultation’, I heard myself saying; “I don’t exist!” The feeling was overwhelming until I forced myself to make eye contact. At the same moment there was a limit and I had the picture of puddle. While I felt accustomed to the grief I said, “Well, nothing wrong with it!”

I was aware that the grief belonged to an experience in my early life. Half a year later I heard about the fire in our summer-house. The exclamation “I don’t exist” belonged to that experience, a child of two years old doesn’t say ‘I’ and is unaware of himself. He is open to the emotions of all the people around him. The grief I felt was connected to the feeling of shame ( Ailments from shame ), the shame of the children who set the summer-house on fire, the shame of my mother who realized she lost control, the shame of people in my surroundings; it was in the newspaper.

After Opium CMK it just flew away, I hardly noticed, there was no noise at all. At the end it was strange, this was part of me for such a long time and it disappeared in one sigh, with no good bye either.

The reason that I needed Opium in all potencies lies in the fact that after the use of opium 30K the layer only becomes transparent. In the period following the use of Opium 30K I had knowledge of what happened in my early youth and learned about the aetiology of the layer. It became clear that the grief, the shame and the dissociation between feeling and thinking enabling everyone to go through was sucked by me as a little child that had no ‘I’ yet. To this potency belongs the emotions you pick up unnoticed; by respiration. The perception of everything is needed to get rid of it.

Case 1 THUJA:
The patient is a woman of 44 years old. She has pelvic pain since her pregnancies. For a long time the pain went up and down. During this consultation she tells me that she distrusts the lower part of her abdomen. For some reason this distrust is related to her mother. Her mother is lying in the hospital at the moment, she has to have an operation for her bladder that has prolapsed. Her mother has a fear of it and my patient feels anxious, she might lose her mother.
Once she had the experience of being outside her body (Delusion double, Delusion soul separated from body); it happened at the moment she underwent a curettage after a miscarriage. The curettage was a bad experience, but at the same time a positive feeling woke up. For the first time in her life she wanted to have children.
The distrust of her lower abdomen and the change in her feelings gave me the idea to ask about her potty training. That time her mother was pregnant. Children of pregnant mothers sometimes don’t want to defecate, they want to have a big tummy like their mother and they want to have a baby (Delusion she is pregnant).
I asked her about her experience, she tells me that after her mother gave birth to her brother she was constipated and was given a remedy for it. From the remedy she had diarrhoea and all around her was defecation. Everyone was shocked.
For her, as a toddler, it had to be a bad experience. Instead of being proud about your ‘product’ (quite normal during potty training) she was confronted with the disgust of everyone around (Disgust with everything) and she was disappointed about what her own body did to her (Delusion has done wrong). She had an overwhelming feeling of distrust by her relatives, the nurse, her own body and her own inner Self.
During her whole life she did everything to please her mother. She disliked the behaviour, but she wasn’t able to change it (Aversion to mother). Her mother was manipulative, she threatened to leave them if the children were naughty or she told the children they had to be happy having a mother (she lost her mother early in her youth).

In the beginning I gave her Thuja in Lm 3 and LM12 and she did well on it. Rather soon she needed higher potencies and because of her overwhelming feeling I gave her Thuja CMK. After that a sense of trust slowly grew and settled inside her body; her lower abdomen. For the first time in her life she can let it happen. Now she realizes that not only did she try to please her mother, but in her own family she was always trying to make everybody happy. Now she takes a seat and watches the children.

The reason to choose Thuja in CMK potency was the unlimited distrust she felt and the loss of anything to hold on to. She only felt good at the moment everybody was happy around her, but instead of being happy herself she started to be discontented about her own behaviour. After Thuja CMK she grew and had the feeling; “I am OK, you are OK.” Instead of running to make everybody happy, she herself is happy and everyone with her. The relationship with her mother has changed a lot, and is normal now.

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