2008 February

5th Chakra Potency

by Margriet Plouvier Suijs MD
Fifth Chakra K potency 10MK, LM potency LM 24

The Sanskrit name for this chakra is Visshudha translated into cleaning and purifying. This is the throat chakra. There is a relationship between the third and the fifth chakra: the strong and violent emotions which flare up in the area of the plexus solaris are noticed and are to be expressed in a human manner. Instead of growling I can say: I am angry. Instead of a impulsive embrace I am able to say: “I like you.” The Belgian say it more precise: “I gladly see you."
Appropriate to this chakra is the “Human Kingdom” again. Chain Rosenthal uses the words abstract and conscience. Sankaran introduces the term sensation for the fifth level, and sensation means: to become aware.
If we are able to clear up our emotions expressing them like well-educated grown-ups, we are able to negotiate difficult questions. "To dispute" is appropriate here, instead of "to quarrel" that belongs to the third chakra.
In psychology we learn about light and shadow. Freud and Jung show us these aspects. We are able to recognize our shadow by projecting it. By example: if I suppress my jealousy I recognize it in other people and I tell others: “he is such a jealous man!!” ( gossiping ). The awareness that the "man" is jealous is mine, might be he himself doesn’t notice! If I had to stay with that ‘man’ and his jealousy causes me trouble I can take Lachesis 10MK (or a better suiting remedy with the symptom of jealousy ) and have relief.

Surroundings factors:

They and I.
Awareness in situations which ask for appointing emotion;
“I am angry”.
“I am sad”.
“I am astonished”.
“I am afraid”.

Physical factors:

The lungs, the respiration with the aim to speak.
The throat and the voice, the melody of the voice: intonation.
The mouth and the tongue to articulate.
The hands and the arms to perform.
Life period: 7 years up to 12, the period of learning at school.

As an example, a situation I went through by myself:

To raise money for welfare work I was asked to sell calendars. That caused me trouble. In the first place I am no saleswoman at all and in the second place I don’t like to be forced to give money for whatever cause, so I don’t like to hold up my hand and force someone else to give. In this case I decided to go for that selling and by lobbying I found a connection with people of a service club. My partner was not at all happy about it, but he suppressed his anger: he recognized my problem and realized this was the best solution. Nevertheless he didn’t like it. I started to be angry, but I as well suppressed it. So we were in the mood to ask each other: “is there something wrong?” A rhetorical question, because none of us gave an honest answer: “nothing wrong, dear!” ( Answers incorrectly ).
During that time I read a book about the spiritual curing of plants and the passage I was reading took my attention to chamomile. Then I realized myself that Chamomilla was the remedy appropriate for my mood. ( Discontented, wrong, everything another does is wrong ). And this mood is not only mine!
I took Chamomilla 10MK: my anger worsened within a quarter of an hour, I really felt enraged. ( Beside, being beside oneself ). Ten minutes later it was gone. In the evening my partner returned and made a joke of it.

The choice for the potency was based on the violent emotion I recognized in both of us: me and my husband. We could have solved it by expressing our emotions. We would have recognized that it was the situation that caused trouble for both of us and both of us didn’t like the solution, which nevertheless was the best. The Chamomilla 10MK solved it in the same way. And this was the first time I proved it for myself.

This is a situation little children come to very often and as a result a violent syndrome can develop. George Vithoulkas shows in his lessons of "the Esalen conference" how he applies these high potencies in cases. Hahnemann recommends in paragraph 280 to give higher potencies until the patient looses his symptoms and says: “I am like I was before my illness.”

Margriet Plouvier Suijs MD
Bart Timmersstraat 5
5401 BX Uden, the Netherlands
Email: M.Plouvier@hetnet.nl

Keywords: chakra, visshudha, Chamomilla


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Prof. Dr.Rajan N. Iyer
Posts: 8
Vishuddha Provings
Reply #5 on : Sat January 17, 2015, 05:22:28
Sweet Sister, Greetings from India!! We appreciate the effort put by you and your team in Proving the Remedy. This being a Meditative Remedy I shall thank you to inform all of us here more about the method used in provings the MM,Rep, The complementary remedies tat come to your mind during such provings & Therapeutic application of the same highlighting a few cases. If possible . Hope you will respond soon. With Warm Regards, Prof. Dr.Rajan Iyer (MD, FF.Hom, Clinical Research - AYUSH, Govt. of India)
Posts: 8
Reply #4 on : Wed April 16, 2014, 12:41:22
very interesting ..& wel describing..potency choosen.....would really like to learn more and more from you.
thankyou :)

Posts: 8
Reply #3 on : Thu July 26, 2012, 17:56:41
Very interesting case.
Remember: The higher the potency, the more in the mental and espiritual leve it works.

Posts: 8
Throat Chakra
Reply #2 on : Fri April 22, 2011, 14:54:14
Wonderful case.I offer this hint in issues with throat chakra : Vervain(Bach) in higher potencies.
Bach's remedies are too often overlooked.
Best not to throw out the baby with the bath(Bach)

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Reply #1 on : Sun May 23, 2010, 18:19:25
very interesting that such a high potency was been used in this case, would really like to learn more and more from you.
thankyou :)